View Full Version : Silent tyrant jump

6th Aug 2014, 18:12
There a guy running rampage on the EU servers and I dont believe its hax but im positive on bug abusing after seeing him pulling this off in 3matches now.

He somehow manages to "mute" the tyrant jump sound cues.

You stand there and just see an impacting tyrant. -500 HP and a tyrant stands in your group.

In a team of 30+ ranked I would expect at least one guy to react on the sound cue and dodge away. People dont even notice him when he lands behind them.

When you shoot him then, he has the IP actived.

I once heard him activating IP when he launched, so expect a glitch with IP and the jump.

Can anybody else confirm this pls?

Dude, if you read this. Stop that **** and help to have it fixed. Bug abusing is bad :P