View Full Version : What was the first Square Enix/ Square Soft game you played and what it did for you?

9th Sep 2012, 07:27
Mine was Final Fantasy X. It was the reason I started liking Final Fantasy and Square.

9th Sep 2012, 07:39
Mine was FF X, I liked how the characters developed as you played, continuing to get stronger. Went to FF VIII next and loved the draw and equip mechanics of GFs and magics.

This led to my curiousity of how the others were, and the rest is history. =)

9th Sep 2012, 08:22
Final Fantasy VII, using a massive sword to protect the world from my favorite character ever (owner of a even bigger sword), the loss of Aeris, my most used sidekick... this game made me love RPGs and made me play every ohter game of Square that I colud lay my hands on!

9th Sep 2012, 10:29
Final Fantasy III on the US SNES system (which was of course Final Fantasy VI in Japan) years and years ago. Now I feel old <sigh>

9th Sep 2012, 10:39
I think it was ffvii or parisite eve

9th Sep 2012, 11:20
mine was kingdom hearts and it was my sis who got and once i saw the opening scene thing i fell in love and now im addicted to the series and through kingdom hearts i found out about Final fantasy and my favorite one is probubly FF13 cause i love Lightning she's Bad A.

10th Sep 2012, 22:10
It was either Final Fantasty Tactics Advance or Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.

10th Sep 2012, 22:29
Chrono Trigger on a SNes

14th Sep 2012, 22:05
Mine was Final Fantasy on the NES

14th Sep 2012, 22:24
Final Fantasy on Playstation i think was 3 but when i really start to like square was with Parasite Eve

15th Sep 2012, 21:23
FF1 on nes in 1990. The 90's had the best rpgs. They just had more to offer.

16th Sep 2012, 13:26
Tobal No. 1. It was an okay fighter, but was outshined by many others.

19th Sep 2012, 14:28
Mine was FFX

20th Sep 2012, 01:37
mine was chrono cross... which led to ffx..ffvii ff9 chrono trigger...

20th Sep 2012, 02:25
Hmm, it was either Final Fantasy IV (SNES) or Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (SNES) for myself. I can't recall which came out first - though I remember it was sometime around 1991~1992? Which later lead me to Final Fantasy VI (SNES)'94 ->Chrono Trigger(One of the greatest games of all time) (SNES)'95 ->Super Mario RPG:Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)'96. Great gaming memories~

20th Sep 2012, 03:49
FF IIV back in da 90s. It was like the only japanese made game I recal even seeing comercials for at the time other than like sonic and mario (which I thought were american made lol). I'm gonna assume the last bit of the thread reads ... and how it effected you and the answer to that is profoundly.

Up until that point I only played "popcorn" games that didnt have much to offer in the way of story but I confess, I still had a blast playing them and continued to play games like them for a while. Games such as Twisted metal, 2 xtream, jet moto, and fighters but then came FF VII and I realized that videogames are a viable medium for telling a compelling story. It ruined me!!!

I no longer enjoy "popcorn" games like I used to proven by the fact that I havn't spent a dime on the God of War or Grand Theft Auto Franchises. If I want to fart some time away I'll still play some Tekken for a while tho.

www.1up.com/news/god-war-creator-calls-s... (http://www.1up.com/news/god-war-creator-calls-story)

21st Sep 2012, 09:41
My first SE game was FF3.

24th Sep 2012, 04:02
Final Fantasy VII and Parasite Eve