View Full Version : Final Fantasy XIV Purchase not appearing / customer support ignoring me??

28th Mar 2015, 13:37
So i placed this order 3 days ago now for the digital collectors edition and i've yet to receive and info about it in my email, not only have I already been charged for the game but they tried to charge me a second time this morning for the exact same thing?? Now I contacted the support team and A) the first guy confirmed it was there and was said it was waiting to clear, then tells me they are pushing it to higher level of support who in 3 days never replied to my problem (despite me replying and asking for help again.)

and B) that it "shouldn't be long" until it clears... now i'm fine with a couple of hours of waiting but after 3 days of no contact... is this some sort of joke?

Charge me once and don't deliver, then charge me a second time and try to rob me? Someone seriously better get on the ball here.. this is obscene.