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26th Mar 2015, 15:57
Hi all Nintendo and Square Friends.

I am new here, but I really would hope to get as much info regarding this issue as possible.

I am trying to help a friend of mine through this site and forum, and it regards his prototype of the Squaresoft SNES game, Secret of Evermore.

This item have never been out for any collectors/sellers market earlier, but one can play the whole game, but with some small glitches, som small text and graphics unfinished. These eproms have never been dumped. However, this game needs a bootable converter (e g Unversal Adapter) to start and to be played on a European SNES console.

How rare can this proto be? How many of this SoE prototype are out in the world? What value can it bring? Please advice.

I have sent about 5 notes to the ENQUIRY-team at Square Enix, but they don't reply, sad enough. I was refered by the Customer Service team at Square Enix to send this issue to the enquiry dep, but still ...... no reply, no reaction. :mad:

Please find attached pics of this proto below.

Many thanks, awaits your replies.

/Jabexy :D

http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s581/Abexy/SNES-pics/SecretOfEvermore_zps69cd0125.jpg (http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/Abexy/media/SNES-pics/SecretOfEvermore_zps69cd0125.jpg.html)

30th Mar 2015, 08:50
So not anyone in this forum knows nothing about this item then? :scratch:

2nd Apr 2015, 01:03
Hmmm .... :eek: .....still now reaction??

5th Apr 2015, 22:38
Ok, fair enough, so much interest for a "grail" item.
Anyway, is there anyone in here that might know how I can get in contact with Square Enix then?


8th Apr 2015, 19:49
Judging by the bidding on eBay, it might fetch $50-$100. Try searching for "snes prototype" to view similar auctions (as well as a number of Buy Now items with prices in excess of $1,500).

31st May 2016, 10:27
Interesting item. Are you sure it's SoE? Was it tested?