View Full Version : Final Fantasy Type-0 CAMERA FIX Request (Please Join Me)

25th Mar 2015, 19:28
I, I'm here to say the game is pretty good, and that the camera is ******* horrendous, we need an option to disable Motion Blur while camera moves :nut: and we need some sort of camera sensibility, like it was controlled with an actual joystick and not like is controlled with digital buttons, nothing to complex just some sort of sensibility and diagonals, the game is great but pretty unplayable with that camera.
If you think the camera must be improved, please join me in this request :group_hug:

26th Mar 2015, 00:02
Dear Square Enix,

Final Fantasy Type-O HD is a wonderful game, but unfortunately I am unable to play without feeling sick due to how sensitive the right analog stick camera is. Even the smallest nudge when moving your character moves the camera almost 90 degrees, and this coupled with the motion blur and the fact that you can only 'run' and not 'walk' with your character makes exploring very difficult. Is there any chance whatsoever that the team could include a camera sensitivity option? I would very much appreciate it, as it stands I can't play the game.

There are many articles and reviews commenting on the camera sensitivity, and even Kotaku recommends players to take the anti motion sickness drug Dramamine before playing in this article: http://kotaku.com/tips-for-playing-final-fantasy-type-0-hd-1691993778

We shouldn't have to do this, please, please fix this for us.

Kind Regards,


27th Mar 2015, 10:32
Is this how Square-enix is going to handle this? Pretending there is nothing wrong with the game? There has been lots of complains on facebook. There is thread about it here. Kotaku talked about it on reviews, and nothing.

There is no interaction from Square-enix what so ever, I haven't been able to this game because of this, I paid 60 euros for a game I cannot play, and you don't even bother to answer?
I not really mad anymore, just sad how the mighty have fallen, hopefully I can find someone living near me who can trade this game for Bloodborne after they are done with it, so atleast something good would come out of this game.

I know I am just a one consumer, so I know you don't care about it. But because how you are handeling this I won't be buying XV when it is released, mayby Il buy it second hand, but after this, The little trust I had left for this company is gone.

Fan since 1994.

27th Mar 2015, 17:29
At this point, I wouldn't even MIND if they didn't give an option to disable motion blur or patch anything at all.
I'm just frustrated at the total radio silence over this matter. I remember Tabata giving an interview in which he mentioned that he would use Google Translate on Kotaku articles to see what fans wanted. Now I'm here posting on official SE forums and for multiple consecutive days, received no information.

Personally, I think Hexadrive did a damn near AMAZING job remastering this game for the new-gen consoles. God only knows how much time they put in updating most of this stuff. Even the motion blur looks really good. The only problem with it is that there's too much of it.

The only place they kinda dropped the ball is the camera jerkiness, but hearing reports that they actually fixed the camera many months back, I don't even wanna imagine how much worse it used to be.

Ultimately, i will play this game cuz I've been looking forward to it for years now. I just don't the situation to arise where I finish the game and hear a surprise announcement from SE going "Oh btw patch tomorrow." -_-

27th Mar 2015, 18:34
Personally, I think Hexadrive did a damn near AMAZING job remastering this game for the new-gen consoles. God only knows how much time they put in updating most of this stuff. Even the motion blur looks really good. The only problem with it is that there's too much of it.
Theres nothiong amazing about it. Compared to cheaper sold titels like KH and FFX they did a lousy job. Some visuals are nice remade but a lot remained really ugly. Even the CGI do look a littel blurry as well. Now i paid 100€ for the CE (the standard version ist sold in Europe for 60€) an not even the MP was left. Instead we got a really creepy training system. But it looks like no one care about all those features that made the PSP version really great.

To be honest i liket to play it on the PSP and for me it looked nicer on the small screen.

28th Mar 2015, 00:47
I have a couple of issues with this release of Type-0 (less than stellar translation, various jarring low-res graphics, removed multiplayer as stated above) but the motion blur takes the cake. It seriously hurts my eyes, and I'm not ordinarily affected by games in that way. Type-0 is a really good game and it's painful to see it treated in this way.

It really does come across like a hastily-done port just to get people to buy it for the FFXV demo, with all these various issues. I'd love to see them fixed.

22nd Apr 2015, 17:17
Have you guys messaged Square Support about the camera? https://support.eu.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=11881&la=2&p=6&type=21&ticket_id=4761234&daxx=0

Hopefully they'll see just how many people are experiencing the motion sickness issue and will patch a camera sensitivity slider in, and maybe an option to turn off Motion Blur. It makes me feel sick too :(

11th Jun 2015, 20:47
My honest congrulatulations for the (very late) update, still thanks from the botom of my heart, now you only get half-sick when you play the game, the camera control is now somehow decent I'll give you that, but we still need the DISABLE motion blur option, the attenuation of the effect is not good enought. :)