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25th Mar 2015, 14:25
The game wont load any teams that have gone up a level for example when man united go from 80 to an 83 after starting a new season, when i click continue is just a loading screen that wont actually load it just keeps saying its loading. Its not for every team, most teams that are leveled up suffer the same problem so I am limited to the amount of teams I can play with.

Is this the first time you are launching the app?

Has the app ever successfully launched?
If yes, did it work before a recent update?
Yes it worked before the update before the newest one

Device you are playing on
Iphone 4

OS you are playing on

OS Version currently installed on your device

25th Mar 2015, 16:02
Thanks a lot for the report on this and welcome to the forums! :)

The unresponsive continue button is an issue we're aware of though I'm not sure if we've linked it to teams ranking up yet. It's an interesting observation though so i'll make sure to pass it and your device info on to our testing team.

Just to confirm 100%, any team you've previously played with and improved the team rank of are affected by this? Does this appear in season 2 onwards or is it always season 1?

25th Mar 2015, 16:42
it doesn't affect all the teams for example Liverpool or Manchester united but most of the teams like arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham etc it affects.

25th Mar 2015, 16:56
OK, thanks for the additional information! Technically I think the teams rankings should reset if you're starting over but will be interesting to hear what our testers say...:scratch:

25th Mar 2015, 20:25
I had the same problem with Arsenal and PSG, and i've found a solution to fix this bug:
You have to buy ameliorations for these two teams and the problem will be fix then you could replay with these teams.
This problem annoy me for a long time and i just discover this solution one week ago.
I hope it will resolve your case :)

26th Mar 2015, 11:19
Thanks a lot for the information Antoine, that's really useful to know! :)

For anyone else: 'Ameliorations' are Upgrades/Mejoras/Miglioramenti/Melhorias/Yukseltmeler/Naik Taraf.

28th Mar 2015, 03:19
i have a bug when opening the game
when the game starts and show the message "touch for continue" the screen was frozen and i don't know that do. i need help for this game, is the best of manager and i have a good advance i played for 4 seasons and i have a good team and would be sad would lose a good advance
my telephone is zuum A309w have a android 4.2.2 and this bug started before the upgrade

ty and waiting for a solution for the game

sorry, i have bad english only speak spanish , understandable

30th Mar 2015, 01:39
Welcome Fidio, ill post some methods below to see if any will help you
1 Try restarting your phone
2 try clearing your cache of CM, to do this go to settings, manage apps, CM15 the scroll to cache then click clear.
If these dont work then just wait, GD will help you more

31st Mar 2015, 16:05
(Merged fidio11 & Craigs posts from another thread)

Fidio, could you try out Craig's steps and then also try upgrading a member of staff or one of your facilities to see if that has any effect?