View Full Version : Handicap bonuses

24th Mar 2015, 23:29
I've got some examples to balance more for those (x)vs(x) states, such as;

4vs3, 3vs2 and 2vs1;
Health increases by 30%
Supply stations heals more by 30%
Executions heals more by 30%

4vs2 and 3vs1;
Health increases by 50%
Supply stations heals more by 50%
Executions heals more by 50%

Health increases by 100%
Supply stations heals more by 100%
Executions heals more by 100%

What do you guys think? These are just some simple examples, it'd be nice if we get those kind of bonuses. Post some ideas guys maybe the Devs will consider this.

25th Mar 2015, 00:44
Got dropped into a 1vs4 match as a single human against four vampires. There's not a bonus possible that could make that okay. Rather than finding ways to balance things around crappy matchups like this, they need to find a way to prevent these situations in the first place.