View Full Version : Alchemist level 25 skin ?

24th Mar 2015, 21:20

Does anyone know when the Alchemist level 25 skin is coming ?

I would like to suggest a robe or something like that / more loose clothing.

I also wanted to know why fleet footed (the human perk) is changed from 20 to 12 % and all the other perks have gone up in % ?????????????????

When is there going to be another testing of CTB ? I already miss it :)

I would also like to suggest that everything is buyable with the ingame coins, just make it more expensive for the things that only can be bought with real money now. I don't know what to do with the coin I get since I already have bought most things suited for me.



24th Mar 2015, 21:34
The lv25 skins for all humans are coming at some point. You can use gold to recharge your blue/green/mysterious abilities/weapons or buy all perks permanently.

25th Mar 2015, 11:57
The level 25 Human skins are being worked on, they're not ready just yet I'm afraid, but they're coming :)

CTB isn't coming back this weekend, but you will be seeing more of it in April!