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24th Mar 2015, 20:36
Hi !
Just played Episode 2 and it is great just like the first one !

Right at the beginning when you leave your room and go down the hall and enter Dana's room she is jumping on her bed and dancing to music. There is this one "Indie-Rock" song and as far as i can see it isn't mentioned in the credits of the game. I can't find it....tried with Shazam and Soundhound but no hits...tried searching via google the lyrics i can understand but no luck :(

The refrain starts with something like "Dream Dream outta way...." and ends with "...dance and dream your life away"

It is a pure good mood song and some of my friends would like to know the title and/or artist too.

Maybe someone here can help ;)



25th Mar 2015, 02:56
Hmm. I just checked and I can't find it either online, which is really really REALLY odd.

And I did the same for the song after that and can't find it either.

Edit: Eventually I intend to get UDK and maybe I can pull open the .upk for the sounds for E2 and we can find out more (if someone else can, go for it! it's probably "E2_1A_DanaRoom_LD.upk"). But it's very odd this stuff isn't online.

26th Mar 2015, 16:10
According to Dontnod, the music in question is specifically licensed for the game - you will not be able to find it anywhere else.

27th Mar 2015, 22:12
Thanks for the reply, Grimoire.

That's really neat, you don't see that too often in games it seems (Sleeping Dogs comes to mind).

28th Mar 2015, 01:32
Life is Strange: Special Edition - All five episodes with the game OST.

28th Mar 2015, 18:06
Thx for the answer :)

Well yeah already thought it would be something like that OR a complete indie song nobody knows of ^^ What a shame, it's a real good song. And yeah you don't see that often anymore. I remember great soundtracks from my childhood hehe....Matt Gray and Chris Hülsbeck soundtracks for C64 and Amiga500.

31st Mar 2015, 19:47
What a Day, by Barrie Gledden, Chris Bussey and Steve Dymond.

I agree, that music is freakin' awesome!

31st Mar 2015, 19:51
Life is Strange: Special Edition - All five episodes with the game OST.

I have realized in hindsight that I should mention that this doesn't actually exist (yet) but some people would probably go for it.

7th Apr 2015, 19:24
I may or may not have all the songs ripped from the game ;)

1st May 2015, 18:47
here is link to that song
An other nice song from danas room is this
hope i could help