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24th Mar 2015, 14:19
first to say hi ... Hi! ^^

i my opinion the summoner is to strong.
400 dmg on range + minions + normal hits is just way too much.
i would lower the range shot to 200 dmg. or do it like the choke haze (i know the other skill is a bit like this, but stronger.).
when the summoner spawns his minions, why dont u lower the own dmg while the minions r up?
it would make much more sense.
when he atks wit his minions, they block the front dmg for the summoner.
so he should do less dmg while the minions r up too.
its just too strong those 3 mobs at the same time.
not sure about the numbers but it should be something like: 30dmg each minion hit + 200dmg summoner hit = 260dmg each hit and those little puppies hit fast, like the summoner XD
if u got 400dmg from the range atk befor (avrg human hp is about 1000), means u need like 2-3 hits and ur dead.
u cant kill the minions + summoner most of the time in those couple hits.
and maybe nerf a bit the movement speed of the minions. maybe that would be enough already, who knows.
cuz its funny to c that every player who isnt that good, takes summoner to play lame from range and last hits u.
anyways, i think u need to nerf the summoner a bit. think about it :)

i dunno why, but the mmr is so weird for some reason.
why dont u just delete it and make a server list?
there r so many bugs atm.: (all situations happens sometimes, not every time)
ur in a group, searching for a match, find something and says: the team is full ... wtf? o.O
unbalanced teams
i even played "3vs5" once. no joke XD

i would like to have a server list, so u can join wit ur friends easy and everyone can pick his game.
ofc there r baddy sides for a server list, but everything has + and - .

hope ull think about it.

24th Mar 2015, 14:41
Considering top esl teams are stacking hell strikes at the moment, and that should be in indication that an ability is currently very strong in the meta, the minions are not the problem, use AOE on them and you will clear them out and damage the summoner (timed right)

After a discussion with my team, we don't think that the problem lies inside of the damage itself, but the lack of indication as to the where it is going to land, fixing the indicator would allow it to be easier to dodge, meaning that a skilled player could dodge it.

as for MMR, there isnt enough of a player base to make a fully working mmr system, the more players we have the better this will get.

24th Mar 2015, 15:49
not every player has an aoe equiped. or it is on cd.
i think its fair when u equal the dmg when the minions r up. its like a forcing shield or use them as another range atk while u stay safe. also u can still use them as human detecter ;)
ofc u can dodge the shot, but sometimes ur focus is somewhere else and u get hit.
tell me, how often did u c this: u or ur mate goes to the healing station and a summoner shot is commin?

also i noticed that u recive often dmg befor the animation is done.
seems this needs some timing too.

in my opinion the game was more balanced befor vanguard and summoner.
but hey, its a working progress.

24th Mar 2015, 15:57
Whalys thats why your teammates with their AOE's need to help out those without, or simply save your cooldowns for it.

its an ability with a 25 second cooldown, that can be removed with a 14 second explosive shot or light bomb... or just 1 shot with an alchemist (fulbore)

"human detector" .... if you cannot keep track of 4 humans..... well .... i have bad news for you buddy... its not a skill that cannot be trained.

Summoners who camp a roof and do nothing but spam hell strikes are an issue, but the minions are not.

24th Mar 2015, 16:00
yeah i forgot u can c all humans through walls :)
sry, but my x-ray eyes r not that skilled.

and if u play wit randoms, ull never know what ull get.
dont tell me u never got killed by a summoner + minions and thought, dmn couldnt shoot the summoner cuz of those minions.

i respect u and ur friends view of the issue (or no issue) and so should u wit mine :)
its about making the game more balanced and those are my ideas.
lets c if the host reacts or not.
dont wanna start an argue here wit u XD
u wont change my opinion and i wont change urs.

24th Mar 2015, 16:08
If i did, it was probably my fault for not having an AOE ability ready for it,

Further more, humans in pubic games stick together so they are easy to predict, and why are you even going in if you don't know where the enemy is? would you go into a fight in real life blind? no.

Whalys, every death you obtain in the game, means that you can trace that failure back to a mistake you made, it might have been 3 mins ago, making the wrong move, using the wrong ability, but there is a mistake there (at least in public lobbies)

Im more than happy to show you why minions by them selves are not an issue, you just need to manage cooldowns properly

24th Mar 2015, 16:22
in my opinion there is an issue with the minion dmg + summoner and as i said, u wont change my exp with ur words.
and dont be happy, cuz u aint show me.
if u wanna talk about why minions r no prob, open a thread about it ^^

24th Mar 2015, 16:35
no point opening a second thread to discuss the same topic, there is an easy counter to minions called AOE, all classes have one (except the vanguard... but really who plays that anyway)

Considering that draining curse, explosive shot, grenade, flame wall, light bomb, sunlight vial, sticky grenade, volley, trap, grappling hook, healing mist and poison cloud can all neutralize the minions quickly and without much threat to your selves and be off cool down before the summoner does it for a second time, I stand by my point that minions are fine as is.

24th Mar 2015, 16:52
mr. pro, vanguard has an aoe lol

24th Mar 2015, 17:00
that doesn't kill minions, thus i didn't mention it.

24th Mar 2015, 17:11
i repeat myself 1 last time for u :)
its about getting chased by minions + summoner in a 1on1.
u wont change my exp and im tired to read ur excuses.
this post is about balancing and in my opinion this needs a balance.
just a lil hint for the hosts.

24th Mar 2015, 17:24
Ok guys, just gonna poke my head in at this juncture to remind you to keep it cool, thanks.

24th Mar 2015, 17:24
i repeat myself 1 last time for u :)
its about getting chased by minions + summoner in a 1on1.
u wont change my exp and im tired to read ur excuses.
this post is about balancing and in my opinion this needs a balance.
just a lil hint for the hosts.

I think your not getting what he is saying, he saying the minions and the summoner are not a problem together attacking you IF you PROPERLY use you aoe, not an excuse not just his opinion its true