View Full Version : Kate's video not playing.

24th Mar 2015, 03:46
I followed the in game link and I can't see Kate break some sort of tongue record. I hope this gets fixed before episode 3.

24th Mar 2015, 04:56
It may be intentional.

26th Mar 2015, 00:22
Actually...if you right click on that box, you can see it's actually an IMAGE, not a link to a real video. So it was definitely meant that way.

The funny thing is, if they haven't talked to Google about it, I bet Google could sue them for using a very obvious and proprietary piece of "art" or imagery that Google owns (through Youtube). They're mimicking Youtube there, which may very well be illegal.

To think about that, though--either they're simply teasing with a lite ARG (and obviously won't have an actual video), or they're trying to show that someone took it down, within the game universe. In theory after the second episode there.

26th Mar 2015, 02:59
I was totally kidding. And, I think this would classify as parody, so it isn't illegal. In fact, it's free advertising for YouTube. If Vimeo or Dailymotion used it as a placeholder, YouTube would probably issue a cease and desist letter.


31st Mar 2015, 20:02
Max said that she removed the video, that's why we can't watch it :3

1st Apr 2015, 02:02
If I was Max, I would not have removed it. (Oh, wait, we play as Max...no fair!)