View Full Version : Community draft tournament Saturday March 28th (1pm EST, 7pm CET)

23rd Mar 2015, 16:04
Hello everyone! Ever felt like getting together with a bunch of people that enjoy the game as much as you do and duke it out in a civilized and sportsmanshippy' manner? Well now is your chance!

We at Dead Sun are hosting a chance for everyone no matter your level of skill to hop on our teamspeak and get together with familiar and unfamiliar faces alike! The idea here is to learn to know eachother, select captains to lead teams of 4, draft the players into their respective teams and ultimately destroy one another - loads of fun shall be had!

The time this event occurs is less than a week from the time of this post, namely: Saturday 28th of March 7pm Central European Time.
If timezones confuse you, check this website and it should all be clear!

Teamspeak server to join in on the event (even if you're shy and don't wish to talk, you can join in and listen - will help us out a lot when organizing the event!):

Server: ts.deadsun.net:8000


Server: direct.genyaa.org:8000

If you're intrested in joining in, please make a reply to this forum post and tell us a little about yourselves. It will help us know how many are intrested in joining.
Here's a template that you can use when signing up:

Name: HexMe
Skill: High, Leader
Region: EU
Likes: Fuzzy bunnies

Spread the news to friends and foes alike, we want as many as possible to show up so we can have a proper community Nosgoth tournament all in the name of having fun and learning in the process!

The event's now over and it was a blast! Lots of awesome matches and a little bit over 25 people joining up, this gave us enough players to create 6 different teams to bash our heads into.

I would like to thank everyone for joining in and making this the success that it was and I look forward to what's in store for future, stay tuned! :D

PS: No bunnies were hurt during the event.

Aaaaaand here's the conclusion in scores (I can't recall all the names of the players in each team since I wasn't clever enough to write them down so I will just call the teams "Team <captain's name>")

Total scores:

Team Quantain: 300 - How about we mix the teams up a bit next time ^^
Team Steve: 272
Team Arydious: 238
Team Pocket: 230
Team Evil: 225
Team Drew: 140 - Next time PICK LILY DAMNIT DREW :D

Each individual match:

Arydious vs Drew 53-50
Evil vs Pocket DRAW, 42-60
Quantain vs Steve 60-33
Arydious vs Steve 36-60
Quantain vs Drew 60-12
Arydious vs Pocket 60-43
Evil vs Steve 48-59
Quantain vs Pocket 60-29
Arydious vs Evil 60-37
Drew vs Steve 18-60
Arydious vs Quantain 29-60
Drew vs Evil 26-60
Pocket vs Steve 38-60
Drew vs Pocket 34-60
Evil vs Quantain 38-60

24th Mar 2015, 15:11
Name: Silent
Skill: High, Leader
Region: EU
Likes: Killing Fuzzy bunnies infront of hex :P

24th Mar 2015, 17:41
Name: Kine
Skill: Mid, Support sheep
Region: Asia
Likes: Anything fuzzy

24th Mar 2015, 18:34
Name: Saint Sugar
Skill: High, Sugar Ray Powah.
Region: EU
Likes: Creepy stuff beyond imagination. <3

25th Mar 2015, 17:58
Name: Duwath13
Skill: Mid
Region: EU
Likes: Protecting Fuzzy bunnies so that Silent canĀ“t kill them

26th Mar 2015, 06:59
Name: Sm0kii
Skill: High - really into tactics and team work
Region : North africa (Egypt)
Likes: getting to know other people =D

26th Mar 2015, 11:18
Name: DasSchmidda
Skill: Mid
Region: EU
Likes: Protecting Fuzzy bunnies so Duwath13 don't have to protect them so Silent cant't kill them

27th Mar 2015, 14:32
Name: Pocketkos
Skill: Mid, Restless arse
Region: EU
Likes: Coffe, kicking ass 'n having ass kicked. Neutral to Fuzzy bunnies.

27th Mar 2015, 15:34
Name: Generic Mastermind Antagonist
Skill: Mid (I think I'm a scrub but have a fair bit of experience in the game)
Region: EU
Likes: Tea, both long tactical fights and single, continuous fights. Fuzzy bunnies are non-entities.

27th Mar 2015, 17:08
Tweeted the thread link from @Nosgoth to get some more views :)

27th Mar 2015, 17:12
Name: Arydious
Skill: Mid (I'm not a patient man)
Region: NA East Coast
Likes: Cherry Pie

27th Mar 2015, 18:33
My Buddy Flesh can't get the forums to work so I'll post his app for him

Name: Flesh
Skill: Mid (Plays with Arydious to much)
Region: NA East Coast
Likes: Emo Jeans, and Headbangers!

I didn't fabricate any of this : )

27th Mar 2015, 20:24
Name: Deadvard
Skill: low-mid(i think)
Region: EU
Likes: popcorn

27th Mar 2015, 23:36
Name: ukdrewuk
Skill: Mid
Region: EU
Likes: Everyone :D

27th Mar 2015, 23:45
Spread the word to all your friends guys! The more we get the more fun it'll be! ;)

Tweeted the thread link from @Nosgoth to get some more views :)


28th Mar 2015, 03:01
Name: kLauE
Skill: high
Region: EU
Likes: lagspikes

28th Mar 2015, 12:28
Name: Afk. Plankton
Skill: low-mid
Region: EU
Likes: Boobs

28th Mar 2015, 12:30
Name: Bertilberg
Skill: low-mid
Region: EU
Likes: Anime

28th Mar 2015, 14:21
Name: Glukolov
Skill: Low
Region: EU
Likes: Vodka, Rum

28th Mar 2015, 14:25
Name: KinkyBloodyLily
Skill: Mid (and funny)
Region: EU
Likes: to steal and hide fuzzy bunnies :D

28th Mar 2015, 15:22
Name: JoshtaFreak
Skill: Call Mid
Region: EU
Likes: Pizza. I <3 Pizza

28th Mar 2015, 15:38
Name: Lola Bunny
Skill: mid
Region: EU
Likes: ice cream

28th Mar 2015, 16:07
Name: Sn!cKers
Skill: low-mid
Region: EU
Likes: getting carried by nice people :^)

28th Mar 2015, 20:03
Skill: Low
Region: NA
Likes: Taters, Mt Dew Code Red.

Sorry for the late sign up. Also thank you for doing this :)

28th Mar 2015, 23:05
I just wanted to say this was quite fun.

Some ideas for the future is taking some of the higher ranked players or ones doing really well and maybe walking some people through strategies and tips etc.

Also just in general speeding it up somehow. I am willing to help in any future events though!

Let me know!

29th Mar 2015, 14:51
Got stuck at an expo and missed this. Anyone uploaded anything that I can watch ?

29th Mar 2015, 16:30
There were at least two people streaming but I couldn't tell you who they were to be honest. I am pretty sure Drew was one and the other no idea

30th Mar 2015, 15:04
Wish I would have noticed this. Would have been fun. :) Could have streamed too. :(

30th Mar 2015, 17:06
Wish I would have noticed this. Would have been fun. :) Could have streamed too. :(

Worry not, there shall be more ;)

3rd Apr 2015, 18:15
I want to thank HexMee again for doing this, It was so much fun
In fact I can't wait till the next tournament, so I ask you guys if you read this to get together, form a team and play some more before the next tournament, maybe we 'll kick some ass next time :)
this is my Nosgoth steam account ( I have other accounts for other games )
Good luck every one next time :)