View Full Version : What about the release of Hitman Sniper?

22nd Mar 2015, 20:15
I've been waiting for monthes now but there is still no sign of life concerning the release of Hitman Sniper...

What happened to that great game?

They wanted it to be released early 2015... which is.... well.... almost over....:scratch:

23rd Mar 2015, 19:02

5th Apr 2015, 17:50
First it was in the fall 2014, thats paste also. Let us the fans know whats happening.

7th Apr 2015, 13:11
Also waiting for some news. Asked on the FB page but no reply..

15th Apr 2015, 11:11
Hi guys,

Here's the latest tweet from the devs about it, from April 14th: "Hey there! Working on it. We promise to announce something soon."
(Source: https://twitter.com/SquareEnixMtl/status/587976053991288832)

As soon as there is anything more detailed to share, I'll update you here.