View Full Version : The New Prima Games Box Set and the Future of FFIX

18th Mar 2015, 16:28
As some of you may know, Prima Games some months ago announced a new limited edition box set featuring hardcover strategy guides for Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX. The set includes a nice hardcover guide for each game, beautifully bound with a ribbon bookmark, and includes a trio of 3D lithographs featuring art from each game. More importantly, each guide has been rewritten from scratch, including the guide for FFIX—removing the infamous reliance on PlayOnline from the old Brady guide.

It makes some business sense to me that Prima would go to the effort to create new guides for VII and VIII: after all, both just got fresh releases on Steam, and these spruced up PC versions are both probably coming to PS4 at some point as well (VII is already announced complete with "please look forward to it" hilarity). And indeed, I've read that the new guides for both games are based upon the new PC versions.

But why would they go to all the trouble to write a brand new guide for FFIX, a 15 year old game that's only currently available in the aftermarket or as a PSOne Classics title that the PS4 doesn't even support? It doesn't seem to make a whole lot of business sense.

It may be a long shot, but I think this could suggest that S-E has some kind of re-release plans for Final Fantasy IX.

A remaster is pretty much out of the question: there's no way IX will get one before VII, and the upcoming PS4 release of the PC version of VII pretty much rules out any remastered version of VII for the foreseeable future. But could IX finally get its own long lost PC version? No PC version was ever released back then of course, but supposedly one was in development before being canceled.

Of additional note, the Prima box set was initially scheduled for release in March, but was then delayed to July—after E3. And S-E have said they have a little surprise coming at the show.

It could be coincidence. It could just be that Prima is rewriting the guide and offering it in the set as a completionist piece for fans of the PSOne versions. But that doesn't seem likely to me: they could probably have gotten away with just offering a VII-VIII box set for less money, and it still would have sold tons of copies.

It probably won't happen, but the situation is intriguing. What do you think?