View Full Version : Record signing bug

18th Mar 2015, 01:27
Firstly sorry for not including all the information posted im using my phone to post this...

When I go to compare my stats with my fb friends all the info seems correct except for record signing for me says 30mil Hugo Lloris but im spurs and I sold him for 30mil not signed him so its go to be a bug, its nothing major im not complaining.

19th Mar 2015, 17:39
Thanks for the report! Would be good to hear if anyone else has this problem too. This is on an Android Huawei right?

19th Mar 2015, 22:14
Yeah that's right, if its any help I could also check on my partners CM and see if it happens aswell.

23rd Mar 2015, 15:54
Would be interesting to see if it occurs on there too but of course only if it's not a bother for you. We'll also test it on our side!

27th Mar 2015, 19:16
Can confirm that the same problem appears on the iPhone as well.