View Full Version : How to tell the game to use my graphics card?

17th Mar 2015, 21:47
I bought FF13 and FF13-2 very cheap on steam.

But the game is using my integrated graphics card of my CPU instead of my real graphics card.

HOW to tell the game to use the right one? Because I get only 15 FPS max! My card is powerful enough to display all the 60!

I have a AMD R9 285.

Disabling the integrated one in BIOS is no solution because I need it.

17th Mar 2015, 22:21
I already tried really everything to get more FPS with ALL tweaks you can find and ALL fixes.. no one works.

23rd Mar 2015, 12:16
Sorry to tell you, but FF XIII and XIII-2 run awfully on PC no matter the specs. The game is CPU bottlenecked and your GFX card will actually be underutilized. It's very much possible it's using your dedicated card already (if not, there should be some profile settings in your control center to force it to use it). If you used an nvidia one, you'd be able to at least improve the fps somewhat by forcing maximum performance state, but afaik, there is no such thing for AMD cards. There is a workaround to help with that though - put every setting on max and if that isn't enough, get GeDoSaTo and try forcing even more demanding graphics effects (like downsampling from 4K). Ultimately though, don't expect more than 30 fps on XIII (though you may get 60 in some situations) and XIII-2 runs even worse.

I wonder if the fact that they didn't release Lightning Returns yet is because they're working on a fix. I certainly hope so.