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17th Mar 2015, 12:15
haggard here, of MEOW gaming, and I'm here looking for people just like YOU!

We are US-east based, but have members from all over the world

What makes MEOW clan different?
Here we don't believe in lame applications, boring clan trials, or simply any sort or requirements, we only ask that you be yourself and come have a good time ( assuming you're not one of those annoying kids )
- Very laid back atmosphere, Very few rules, we accept multi-clanning(so long as its not abused)

The clan consists of our main, core group, a group of gamers, but more importantly, good friends in gaming, that have been playing together for years. And then the new-comers, some of which don't last too long, but some do.

Currently have 4 ESL teams, built from Casual, to well experienced players, looking to build stronger teams, alter current ones, and create new ones!

Joining is easy, just swing by the teamspeak, play a game with us, and as a group, we will all decide if you fit well with us, and if we are the clan for you, with that in mind, we are not for everyone.

Add me on steam for Teamspeak info
Visit our NEW website: http://www.meow--clan.enjin.com/home
My page : http://steamcommunity.com/id/meowhaggard
or just search for [MEOW]haggard<3

16th Apr 2015, 16:16