View Full Version : Three entirely unrelated tactics I want to share

17th Mar 2015, 07:46
First one is for Shockwave on the Tyrant. You can both aim and start casting this skill in midair, which gives you an instant knockup if you can jump down from any building. Holding shift while leaving the ledge lets you give this tactic some very nice range. Assuming you didn't mess up and live long enough to do so, this guarantees you 625 damage + whatever damage you get from knocking them around (on a level field this is 30ish), and you still have the entirety of your charge to either leave or hit other people with.

The second one is for Fire Wall on the Alchemist. You are immune to its (admittedly small, to you) damage for a good while after casting it. The strategy here is that it is entirely possible to drop the wall, see the ticking from someone following you (allowing enough time for them to pass all the way through), then roll back through it, and take zero damage. This forces them into choosing whether to follow you (and immediately die if you have any teammates, or full HP, or light bomb), or to just give up.

The third tactic here is for the Deceiver, using Shroud. This may seem counter-intuitive due to Shroud's low damage per second, but it actually makes an excellent ability for finishing off people. This is because it gives you the entire full range of movement without any forced stops, and because you're slightly faster than the humans unless impeded, they cannot escape your damage without killing you. It also gives you vastly better survivability than just using your melee attacks to finish off someone, in part because of the actual shrouding effect, but mostly because you can roll and sidestep while shrouded, and because you aren't locked into any attack or movement pattern that would make it easier for them to get CC or burst off on you.


17th Mar 2015, 12:48
hmmm. nice post i thought this was well known. i would have posted about this awhile ago if i had known.