View Full Version : JC3's Mediterranean

17th Mar 2015, 01:17
Hey all!:flowers: 1st time poster, long time JC fanatic:worship:

As we all know, the series (JC2 in particular) has had sum of the most gorgeous, expansive environments available in any game. There's no reason to expect any different from JC3; change of pace from the 1st 2 games' jungle environments, but in this case, change doesn't have to be bad;)

There's been nuthin absolutely confirmed yet, so @ this pt, we're still free to imagine what Avalanche's interpretation of the Med. could b like. For sum reason, I keep picturing an amalgam of different countries w/in that part of the world: bits of the French Riviera/Monaco (maybe the major urban area ingame?), Italian Amalfi Coast (bright pastel rainbow nabes on cliffs), Greek Cyclades islands (white homes, deep blue sea...on cliffs), sum Ibiza (drier, almost desert-like in places; & yes, w/ it's share of cliffs:p); maybe even sum N. African influences. & All of it surrounded by glowing Turquoise waters...

Also saw a snow capped peak or 2 in sum pics, so Italian Alps-style areas look likely. @400 sq miles (1k sq km?), so much is possible. Man, the wait for this thing is gonna b torture, but I know it'll b worth it:cool::thumb: