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14th Mar 2015, 17:52
If you're interested in casting @ESLNosgoth, please send me an e-mail at razielwarmonic@staff.eslgaming.com with the following criteria:

Skype Name:
Twitch.tv Name:
Steam Profile Link:
Contact e-mail:

Do you have any previous casting experience, if so, in what games? Do you have a VOD of this cast?

Why do you want to cast Nosgoth for ESL?

Do you want to cast for EU, NA, or both?

Are you comfortable with being paired with someone to cast with, and/or do you have someone you want to cast with?

Link to a highlighted sample cast on Twitch.tv:

Please note that not everyone will make it. If you have already sent me an e-mail, please resubmit it in this form (because I will e-mail you back asking for this stuff anyway). You must also be comfortable with giving me your Skype name. Please also note this is a volunteer and UNPAID position.

What the sample cast should consist of: You should find two teams (or even 8 people in a private match) to spectate and stream it on Twitch.TV. After you are done, please make a highlight and include the link in this application.

Thank you for your interest!


If you want me to take you seriously, I suggest treating this like you actually want it. Apply for it like you would any other real life job, your grammar, typing, and effort will be noted.

19th Mar 2015, 01:01
Still accepting! :D

20th Mar 2015, 03:59
I would totes do this if I had a computer good enough to stream :(

18th Apr 2015, 18:28
Are you still looking???