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14th Mar 2015, 05:21

hay i want just say sorry in start for my bad english
today i was in a grupp in dungen final fantasy arr fpr the ps4
ther was one tank and he was from start to end all time afk in game we have kick him from the server but he have join againd and he stai afk all time not help he just kiding in dungen i have make a screenshot / video from all this i hoppe you guys never see this player in your dungen he is not help full

here is a link to the video i hoppe the gms make somthing about this guay



19th Apr 2015, 20:55
How to send a report in-game:
1) Select System, then Support Desk > Contact Us > Report Harassment
2)Enter a subject, a detailed description in the main body of the report , then click "Send."