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13th Mar 2015, 19:32
I am starting a team for U.S/EU players to play competitively. It is going to be a medium size group with 4 different teams.

The is going to be an A/B/C/D team depending on a players skill level, each team will have 5 players 1 being a substitute. I will probably have around 40 people in the group max with 20 being competatives and the rest just for private match scrims.

We will have weekly scrims, possibly multi-scrims per week depending on the activity I can get from the players.

I am currently looking for 4 officers as well one for each team to help me run the guild.

We will use teamspeak or mumble I havent decided which to purchase atm.

Memebers must be 18+ be and they must have a mic

Steam is 7Antix

3rd Apr 2015, 13:35
Are you still looking for members??

16th Apr 2015, 16:09
hey buddy, if you cant manage to find the right amount of members ( i know these forums arent very much used ) feel free to hit me up, Im from MEOW clan, you may have seen us around US east/west servers. We're a pretty small community, but have one of the largest Nosgoth sections, we have 4 teams playing in ESL ( 1 stacked team and 3 more casual teams) but we're always looking to build stronger groups and add to our player base. http://steamcommunity.com/id/meowhaggard/ if you're interested (we use TS3)