View Full Version : Bug Report Form - Important!

13th Mar 2015, 12:45
Please include the following information when creating a new thread for a bug report:

Bug description
What happens?

Steps taken to reproduce bug
How does it happen? What steps do you take before it occurs?

What team you are currently managing

The current in game date

Device you are playing on
Example: Nexus 5

OS you are playing on
iOS or Android

OS Version currently installed on your device
Example: Android 4.4.2

Additional information and screenshots

How do I find out what my OS Version is?


Please note that steps may vary between Devices and OS versions

Open 'Settings'
Select the 'General' or 'More' section
Select 'About Device'
View 'Android Version'


Open the Settings app
Tap 'General'
Tap 'About'
Scroll down and look for 'Version'