View Full Version : Early 2015 Transfer Window Update - **Now Live!**

13th Mar 2015, 12:04
What is included in the update?

The latest seasonal data up to February 2015

New free agents, updated team formations and updated player ratings
Bug fixes including
Fix for Team Training bug, whereby Team Training cannot be changed once selected
Match Commentary and Progress Speed has been sped up again while still maintaining the improvements in event selection from previous update in order to paint a better picture of what’s going on in the match.
Nexus 5 supported once more
Martin Ƙdegaard will now accept transfer offers

Note: In rare circumstances smaller clubs may still refuse to let their best player transfer away.

Minor bug fixes

When will the update be released?

We aim to release the update simultaneously on iOS and Android by mid-to-late March

Update 13/03/2015: The update is currently in submission with Apple and Google. We will update this thread as soon as we hear back from them.
Update 17/03/2015: Unfortunately the update was rejected. We will resubmit it and hope to have it released over the next week.
Update 25/03/2015: The update has been released!

Please note that the above date is an estimate and subject to change without notification. We will try to keep this thread updated with the latest information.

The update has been released but the most recent seasonal data is not being displayed in my game.

The most recent seasonal data is only applied once you have resigned and started over with a new team.
A player or team is displaying incorrect information.

If you have ensured that you are playing with the new season database, please report any errors in this thread (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=153389). Please note that any transfers made after the January transfer window closed will not be reflected in this update.

17th Mar 2015, 22:43
Who rejected it google or apple, o was looking forward to the new update :(

18th Mar 2015, 12:04
I'm not sure about which platform is was blocked on but this Mashable article can provide a little insight into the app approval process and also mentions that it can indeed take a little while for submissions, particularly on Apple's side:


19th Mar 2015, 00:33
Thanks for that i would never have thought champ man would have got rejected tho, its not like its full of bugs or anything.

23rd Mar 2015, 15:31
It might not necessarily be bug related - For example, if Google changes Android in some way or another, they'll want to ensure that Apps submitted to Google Play meet all requirements for the new features or are compatible with them. This can be quite tricky, particularly if an update has been in development for a while and the Android OS then changes shortly before release without warning. It might very well mean going back to the drawing board if Google or Apple are unwilling to greenlight the update without the requested/newly implemented features.

1st Apr 2015, 20:36
Please include Romanian League!! And other good leagues in Europe. Will you? Is there any posibility?

7th Apr 2015, 12:49
Be sure to submit any such comments in the Official Features Request thread (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=153388) Inregula :)