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13th Mar 2015, 11:52
Please let us know if we missed a player in our most recent transfer update or if a player or team is displaying incorrect information in Champ Man.

We will endeavor to fix the issue and update players or teams with the next update. Immediate fixes are unfortunately not possible for Champ Man 16.

Please note that we do not accept requests to change certain players stats if you believe that they have not been valued enough, unless low stats may be the result of incorrectly entered data.

Update 26/03/2015: Any players who transferred or changed position after January 2015 will not have their latest information displayed in game until the next update.

Update 24/09/2015: Champ Man 16 is now out and should reflect the latest transfers. We will most likely not update Champ Man 15 with the latest transfers so these will be permanently out of date.

18th Mar 2015, 02:22
This is more of a mistake, eric dier is classed as Portuguese when infact he is english, I think he only moved over there when he was younger.

19th Mar 2015, 11:41
Hi . Missed players in Terek Grozny ( Russian Premier league ). Gk. Vitaly Gudiev , CD. Khalid Shahtiev , CD Murad Tagilov , CD/DM Dmitry Yashin , DM/CM/ACM Daler Kuzyaev , CM Bekhan Usmanov ALM/ARM Khalid Kadyrov , ALM/ARM/FW Ablaye Mbengue (from Gabon league , lol) , FW. Apti Akhyadov . Incorrect nationality Jimmy Bokila . He from DR Congo, not Netherland . He play in national team DR congo on African Cup . And this . Goalkeepers in Terek . Gorodov 0 games , stat rating 70 . Godzyur 19 games (-17 goals , one of the best result in RPL ) and rating 53 . WHY???

19th Mar 2015, 15:20
Welcome to the forum arthur.

19th Mar 2015, 15:34
Thanks . Sorry for my bad english))

19th Mar 2015, 17:13
Welcome to the forums Arthur :)

Sounds like a lot of people from Terek Grozny there! We'll look into that now.

Thanks for the heads up on Bokila too. :)

Also thanks about Eric Dier Craig (merged your post from the other thread)!


- Eric Dier is English in new update (he was actually eligible for both countries).
- Terek Grozny have been fully updated.
- Bokila will still be Dutch in this update (We will, however, change his nationality to Congo with a future update or release.)

Thanks for the pointers guys, keep them coming!

25th Mar 2015, 23:41
Hello everyone!

Thanks to SQUARE ENIX for the fresh update.
I'll contribute some information about Bursaspor.

The basic formation is 4-2-3-1.
GK: Harun Tekin
DR: Şener Özbayraklı
DL: Aziz Behich
DC: Serdar Aziz, Renato Civelli
DM: Ozan Tufan, Fernando Belluschi
AMR: Volkan Şen
AML: Cédric Bakambu
AM: Josué
ST: Fernandão

I've already read that you don't accept requests to change certain player stats but Harun Tekin (since he's the first choice GK) and Ozan Tufan (as most promising talent in Turkey) should be upgraded.

Current Positions Respectively:
Ozan Tufan: DM/MC/DR (DC)
Şamil Çinaz: DM/MC (DC). He doesn't play DR. He's the first choice for DC when DCs are injured/suspended.
Fernando Belluschi: DM/MC (AM/AMR)
Josué: AM/MC (AML)
Ozan İpek: AML/ML (DL). He doesn't play AM.
Cédric Bakambu: ST (AML/AMR)

Missing Players:
Okan Kocuk: GK
Ertuğrul Ersoy: DC
Emre Taşdemir: DL (ML)

Okan Deniz transferred to İnegölspor which is the 3rd tier club at the beginning of season.

Player Roles Respectively:
Captain: Volkan Şen, Ozan İpek, Serdar Aziz, Şener Özbayraklı
Free Kick Taker: Josué, Volkan Şen, Fernando Belluschi
Corner Taker: Volkan Şen, Josué, Fernando Belluschi
Penalty Taker: Fernandão

And finally, Tarık Çamdal of Galatasaray is Turkish, not German.

26th Mar 2015, 11:12
Hi Harbee, welcome to the forums first of all!

Thanks a lot for the extensive information. That's certainly all very useful. I'll check in with our research team to see what their most recent research is listed as.

Could you confirm when most of the changes took place? Was this after January or have all these players been playing in their respective positions as listed above for a while?

I'll be sure to update you when I hear back from the team.

In the meantime, keep it coming! :)

Edit: The above should be reflected in the next CM update.

26th Mar 2015, 15:33
Hi GDArcan, I'm glad to be here.

Be sure that all these players have been playing in their respective positions for a while, nothing new.
The line-up and the player roles I sent are the primer elections for most of the season.

27th Mar 2015, 14:40
Seriously? You are missed :
1) DC: Rodolfo (last team - Vasco Da Gama) ,
2) DC: Adolphe Teikeu (loaned from -Chernomorets, Ukraine) ,
3) FW: Marko Scepovic (loaned from Olympiacos).
4) ALM/FW: Ablaye Mbengue (Sapiens , Gabon) .
Gk: Gudiev , DM/CM (RD/AM): Kuzyaev . ALM: Kadyrov , CM: Katsaev.
Antonino Ferreira not in Terek . He is free agent .
And Tactics .
Terek play 4-2-3-1 .
GK: Godzyur
LD: Kudryashov
CD: Komorowski
CD: Semenov
RD: Utsiev
DM: Adilson
DM: Mauricio
AM: Ivanov
ALM: Rybus
ARM: Lebedenko
FW: Ailton
http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/terek-grozny/startseite/verein/3725 (http://www.transferwww/terek-grozny/startseite/verein/3725)
Some errors in another Russian teams:
1) Dzyuba (from Spartak to Rostov , loaned)
2) Granat ( Dynamo ---> Rostov , loaned)
3) Stranberg (Hacken , Sweden ---> CSKA Moscow

27th Mar 2015, 19:19
Andy Kellett is still at Bolton, he was loaned out to man united, but he was shoved into the u21 so that may be the reason he wasn't updated.

30th Mar 2015, 23:48
Gonzalo Martinez (River Plate-Argentian League) In the game he is 31 but really he is 21.
Camilo Mayada plays on River Plate.
Daniel Osvaldo plays on Boca Juniors.
Please fix it.SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH! :)

1st Apr 2015, 16:26
Thanks for your input everyone - I've passed all these on to the research team and will update you when I have more information.

Edit: Our data lock occurred on February 4 so any changes in the footballing world that took place after that date won't have been reflected in the most recent update. As the Russian transfer window in particular runs on for a while after February 4, some players may still be out of place, particularly if they were loaned/transfers after that date.

- Andy Kellett was definitely updated in our database, but the fact that he was dropped into the reserves (which we don't cover) might very well have contributed to him still showing up at Bolton.

- Dani Osvaldo was transferred on February 12 (after our cut-off). He'll be at his proper club in a future update.

We're taking another look at the player's positions in Terek Gozny as mentioned by Arthur

- Rodolfo (Terek Gozny) was only permanently transferred at the end of February.

- Teiku (Terek Gozny) was only permanently transferred at the end of February.

- Scepovic (Terek Gozny) was only permanently transferred at the end of February.

- Antonio (Bragantino) was only permanently transferred February 12.

- Katsaev was on loan at Lechia Gdansk for most of this season and only returned to Terek in mid February.

- Regarding the Terek Gozny Keepers: Gudiev & Kadyrov, are fringe players at Terek. Gudiev made 0 appearances this season and is the third choice keeper. Kadyrov has made 2 substitute appearances.

- We’ve added Kuzyaev to Terek as he just broke into the Terek first team (this will only be reflected in a future update)

- Dzuba, Granat and Stranberg were equally only transferred after our lock.

We have corrected a few errors that you have pointed out so all the feedback certainly continues to be useful. :)

3rd Aug 2015, 18:53
I dont see Akpom from Arsenal in databased

13th Aug 2015, 17:03
I'm guessing that's because he's just been loaned out to Hull on August 04. Did he played at first team level or reserves/U21 before that?

Either way, he should be in his place with the next data lock.

21st Aug 2015, 05:40
Akpom and Loftus-Cheek both isnt in database but they were in subs mostly

25th Aug 2015, 01:44
in the Mexican league their are some young players you didn't add and here area few that I am naming. Most of them play in the starting 11 in their clubs but some play as subs. I would like for these players to be add to the game please.
another thing I might add is in the game all star and champ man 15 some of the players that have high rating are subs while the ones with the low rating are in the starting 11. for example : Hirving Lozano is one of the best players in the Mexican league ,he's in the starting 11 for Pachuca and has a rating of 55. I think he should have a rating of 60+ . another thing in champ man 15 and all star some of the players positions are wrong. for example hirving Lozano play Mid left attacking mid and left winger. can you please fix the Mexican clubs in the league and thx u in advance -sorry for my English
i mark the rating i think they should get.

Orbel*n Pineda age 19 mid team Querétaro 60+
Érick Gutiérrez age 20 mid team Pachuca 60+
David Ramirez age 19 mid chivas 60+
Diego Gama age 19 fw Toluca 50+
Carlos Guzman age 21 df Tijuana 50+
Carlos Cisneros age 21 mid chivas 60+
Mart*n Zúñiga age 22 fw America 50+
Alfonso Tamay age 21 mid puebla 50+
Marco Bueno age 21 fw leon 50+
Carlos Salcedo age 21 def chivas 60+
Armando Zamorano age 21 mid Morelia 60+
Alonso Escoboza age 22 mid santos 60+
Raúl López age 22 mid chivas 60+
Iván Ochoa age 18 fw Pachuca 60+
Giovani Casillas age 21 mid chivas 50+

thank you for your time

28th Aug 2015, 18:25
Thanks for the info Heyrex, I'll follow this one up with our team, particularly concerning the playing positions. Not sure if I can change much about the ratings though.

24th Sep 2015, 14:41
Champ Man 16 was released today and should reflect all the latest transfers! :)

Please do let us know if we've missed out any players or if any player is displaying incorrect stats or attributes. Please note that we will most likely no longer update Champ Man 15's transfers, so Champ Man 15 will not be permanently outdated.

24th Sep 2015, 16:31
These players have not got there real positions on the game
Tanner of plymouth on loan from reading should be MR /AMR
Carey of plymouth should be CAM

24th Sep 2015, 16:57
High ability ones:Tarık Çamdal
Burak Yılmaz
Umut Bulut
Low ability ones:
Semih Kaya
Hakan Balta
Emre Çolak
Bilal Kısa
Yasın Öztekin
José Rodriguez
In the game not:
Sinan Gümüş
Alperen Uysal
İsmail Çipe
Cenk Gönen
Kevin Großkreutz

24th Sep 2015, 17:06
Turkish League
Low ability ones:
Mehmet Ekici
Yusuf Erdoğan
Okay Yokuşlu
Emre Taşdemir
Ozan Tufan
Volkan Şen
Emre Güral
Güray Vural
Emrah Bassan
Oğuzhan Özyakup
Tunay Torun
Galatasaray: Endogan adili

24th Sep 2015, 23:56
Kevin Grosskreutz and Sinan Gumus must be in Galatasaray.Please fix it.Thank you

25th Sep 2015, 02:08
Unfortunately grosskreutz isnt eligible to play for galatasaray untill Jan 2016 due to missing the deadline on deadline day, but I'm just a player and have no say in who gets added but that would be my guess on why he's not added.

25th Sep 2015, 11:47
Unfortunately grosskreutz isnt eligible to play for galatasaray untill Jan 2016 due to missing the deadline on deadline day, but I'm just a player and have no say in who gets added but that would be my guess on why he's not added.

Just as Craig said, Grosskreutz missed the transfer deadline.

On 2 September 2015, it was announced by FIFA that Galatasaray had failed to submit the relevant documentation for Großkreutz before the transfer window closed. FIFA dismissed the case, because the signed documentations were not submitted on time by Galatasaray. FIFA have refused to sanction Großkreutz's proposed move from Borussia Dortmund to Galatasaray, therefore the player will not be available for all the matches until 1 January 2016

I'll ask our team to look into

Sinan Gumus at Galatasaray
Tanner of Plymouth on loan from reading should be MR /AMR
Carey of Plymouth should be CAM

Alperen Uysal
İsmail Çipe (GK) <- He might be missing because he hasn't actually had any appearances for Galatasaray
Cenk Gönen (GK for Galatsaray)

@Halunemre - the players you listed - do you feel that most of them have too low ratings? Unfortunately it's unlikely that we'll change Player Ratings, as we have to rate everyone objectively and on the same level. Some players might be great in their own league, but be comparatively weaker when compared to tougher leagues.

25th Sep 2015, 12:15
Hector Bellerin just 69 ? just cant belive.

25th Sep 2015, 15:23
Tanner has had ARM added to his positions
Carey has had AM added as a secondary position

Sinan Gumus – Played 6 games in 2 years after coming from Stuttgart Reserves - He is currently in the reserves for Gala’
Alperen Uysal – Never played a 1st team game and is on loan at Gaziantepspor where he’s not played a game.
İsmail Çipe – 4th choice keeper (has got on the bench twice this season)
Cenk Gönen – 3rd Choice keeper has now been promoted to 1st team.

26th Sep 2015, 07:25
Alperen Uysal->Gaziantep spor loan from Galatasaray

26th Sep 2015, 10:05
Armin Hodzic from Dinamo Zagreb is missing, former Liverpool youth player. Age 20 , scored 7 in 7 League games and once in the CL.

27th Sep 2015, 08:38
Enjoying the game so far - impressed how accurate most of it is

Couple of points on West Ham though
Sakho is Senegalese like Kouyate and not French, he also often plays AMR
Lanzini and Valencia both play AML regularly
Zarate, Collins, o'Brien and Amalfitano all seem over-rated
Adrian, jenkinson, Kouyate, Sakho and Lanzini seem under rated
West Ham season ticket holder so happy togive more info if at all helpful

2nd Oct 2015, 01:47
These are a list of promising young players/wonderkids i think should be included.

Mile Svilar (16), Anderlecht, Belgium, Goalkeeper
Donyell Malen (16), Arsenal, Holland, Forward

10th Oct 2015, 13:03

Can you please add Omar Abdulrahman to Al-Ain in Asia, I think you missed him out, and he's the best player on the team as well.
I hope you add him. Also can you add ronaldinho as a free agent?

14th Oct 2015, 21:09
Is there any way that i can start again,all over,in year 2015 but with the same manager rating? please fast answear ,thank you

20th Oct 2015, 14:58
Thanks folks, I'll pass on the below to the team and let you know what they say!

Armin Hodzic from Dinamo Zagreb is missing (15 appearances)
Omar Abdulrahman from Al-Ain is missing (70+ apperances)

West Ham:
Lanzini and Valencia both play AML regularly
Sakho is Senegalese and not French, he also often plays AMR

Alperen Uysal appears to never have made an appearance so probably was not included because of that.

@Chakess: Use the reset button in the manager menu. Please try to keep comments on topic :)

20th Oct 2015, 15:49
Please make an update it has a lot of errors, Taulant Xhaka plays for Albania now he don't play for switzerland, Lenjani plays for Albania too and he is undrrrated.. Ah yes there are new players in some teams like Rey Manaj in Inter Gerard Gumbau in Barcelona please make an update.

3rd Nov 2015, 03:44
missing raul gudino gk for porto 19 years old
I really do believe that Jonathan dos Santos from Villarreal rating is too low he 63 which I think he should be around 70. he is an important player for then they use him for starting 11

6th Nov 2015, 12:09
Raul Gudino probably isnt in there because it doesn't look like he's actually made any appearances for Porto as of yet? The same might be relevant for other new players in other clubs.

About the nationalities, I'll pass on the comments!

13th Dec 2015, 16:04
Missing players for Wigan Athletic in CM16:

Jordan Flores
Francisco Junior (on loan from Everton)
Donald Love (on loan from Manchester United)

2nd Jan 2016, 20:49
Hello. I have this changes for CA San Lorenzo (Argentina)
Julio Buffarini: he plays as DR since 2014 and this position is not even in his secondary ones. This should be his main position. He should be like this: DR (MR) (AMR)
Gonzalo Prosperi: his main position is DR and DL, not only DL.
Hector Villalba: he is playing as AMR since 2014. This should be his main position. And ST a secondary one.

There were more mistakes but I am in 2017 and I sold many players, when I decide to restart the game I will comeback.

thank you, I love this game

PS: sorry for my bad english :S