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13th Mar 2015, 11:51
While we try to make Champ Man the best game it can be, we are also aware that there may be a few things you would like to see added - Although we can't guarantee that any requested features will be made available in the game (mainly due to current technical limitations), we'll keep an updated list of the most heavily requested features in this thread.

If you feel that we should consider something in particular, please provide as much explanation as possible as to how it would work. If it's a bigger feature that requires more explanation, it may be worth creating a new thread for it.

Please note that we will not be adding a visual 2D or 3D match engine to the game.

The following are features we are aware of and for which we are looking into possibilities with which to integrate them into the game:

Receiving offers from other teams to become their manager
Being able to resign from your current team and continue with another team in the same year (not restart in Jul 2014)
Cloud Saving and profile synchronization between devices
Transfer rumours in the league
International Teams and Cups
Save/Load starting 11
Additional Save profile
Nationality Filter (Advanced Search)
Player Comparison Tool
Increased Player Interaction (communications re. morale and playing time etc.)
Transfer Negotiation & options beyond accept/reject offer
Player trading during transfer
Additional Achievements and incentives, particularly for long term play (25/50+ seasons completed)
Additional reward conditions such as cash rewards for Manager Rating Level 25 /50+
Improved mail options, such as multi select and delete. Mail filtering.
Ability to schedule additional pre-season friendlies
Pending transfers and loans screen

Additional Leagues and Cups

Copa Libertadores de América

Additional Formations


Please note that we are unable to add the MLS to the game due to the strict legal restrictions in place for American players and teams.

15th Mar 2015, 01:02
Just to ask if the whole managing feature is added would we see managers in game ?

Also small features I would like.
Direct Passing
4312 formation to be exact ill post below.
Morale to play more of a part meaning messages off players wanting game time or placed on transfer in other words interactions.
Other features I want are mentioned by GD.

Also about the CL/EL licenses are they exclusive rights to Konami? Would love official licenses for them in game.

19th Mar 2015, 17:19
Thanks for the additions, morale could be quite interesting! I wonder if it might lead to the benched players just complaining all the time, particularly for people who always play with the same starting eleven and same subs...

I'll ask about what's going on with the CL/EL licenses - it might very well be that Konami are the sole licenseholders for them. That being said, I'd expect UEFA to also want a substantial licensing fee...!

21st Mar 2015, 23:59
Some ideas:

- save different starting 11 to rotate the squad with greater ease

- It would be easier to measure the influence of a player compared to its statistics if they were recorded as well as the goals and assists.
To be clearer, to check the number of tackles, passes, dribbles, interceptions ect, since the start of the season and for everyone, this would increase the role of management, the most deserving in view of its statistics will play and be augmented, prolonged..

General note goes in this direction but not far enough in my opinion, so this feature will allow to better judge about the attributes of each one

PS; Sorry if you don't understand me, my english is pretty poor

22nd Mar 2015, 03:06
Welcome antoine, your english is very good :), i like the sound of saving a different starting 11, this would be useful for me in cups when im a big club as i field out a weak team like man united do in real life.

On the subject of saving, can we have at least 1 more extra save slot.

23rd Mar 2015, 16:30
Thanks for the feedback Antoine! I like the idea of one or two template starting 11's :)

The request for that much added information is quite ambitious. I'm very much a data guy myself and love seeing all the different statistics, but I would expect a mobile device to perhaps start to struggle with recording and displaying that much information all at once. Still, I know some people have requested more player information to be recorded, particularly for goalkeepers, so it's not something to be dismissed!

And btw, I agree with Craig, you speak English very well!

25th Mar 2015, 20:22
I'm pleased to see that it would be benificial for the community :) I have also another suggest it is not really important but there are no possibility to find a player by his nationality, i mean in the advances searches because sometimes i want to discover players for one nationality and i can't.

26th Mar 2015, 11:15
Might be interesting to add that in to the advanced search features... I've noted it above.

28th Mar 2015, 12:24
I think champ man would really benifit from a more in depth scouting system for players, similar to that of Fifa, and u get a scouting network. I also think the academy system is really boring and bland at the moment, being able to scout youngsters over the courses of the seasons, and then promote them at the end of the season, or when they reach a certain age (again, u could learn a lot from Fifa)

28th Mar 2015, 17:58
I was just thinking, I have never received a transfer offer for a player without them being on the transfer list!!! This is crazy, imagine how boring it would be in real life if teams only ever bought transfer listed players!!! Every clubq would stay the same!!!!! Plz add this!!!

28th Mar 2015, 22:22
Getting reports on youth players and youth team\ reserve games would be cool, and I think we need to be able to adjust our wage budget (sacrificing transfer funds) and be able to request funds from the board. Kit numbers would be a nice touch as there is just a certain novelty about giving a new player or a youth player his first squad number on Fifa! Hope u consider all of my ideas, from this comment and the last few... Good luck!...

28th Mar 2015, 22:25
Just seen some other comments and it made me think 'You can't c a player's height, weight or preferred foot!'. Finally, I would love it if players could interact with u (ask for more gametime or request a transfer)and last of all... Press conferences!!!

29th Mar 2015, 00:12
Welcome to the forum fish:) I agree with the scouting system needing an overhaul and players interacting with you, but for press conferences would be nice but for a mobile game it would be to long and slow paced.

29th Mar 2015, 20:03
So I've been playing a while now, and just got promoted to the premier league with Norwich (finished second in the championship): I would like to know how i am gonna qualify for the Europa league in my first bpl season and then qualify for the champions league in the next 3!!??? Why are the board targets so crazily high!??? This is ridiculous!!!!! Plz fix!!! I would really appreciate it if u could shed some light on this mr GDarcan... Also, player wages are kind of unrealistic, for example: at norwich, the game thinks John Ruddy earns 11.5 k a week, in reality he is one of our key players and probably earns at least 30k. Secondly: McNair of Manchester United starts off as 70 overall but with a wage of 73k!? How is a small team supposed to pay for his wages when loaning him? In reality, he earns about 15-20k a week!

30th Mar 2015, 14:15
Today my 3 star penalty taker missed 2 penalties in the same match, and I haven't scored q penalty all season, even though I am half way through it!? The points a going all wrong too, its super hard to win a game as a lower side in the bpl, and the top clubs are running away with it far too easily. In my Norwich career, cardiff and derby were promoted with me... Derby have 3 points, Cardiff 5, and me 12 (and I am halfway through the season) plz sort these things out, coz its unreqlistically hard to keep Norwich up right now! In real life, 40 is the magic number in the prem to keep u up, on championship manager, I think u could do it with 25?!

30th Mar 2015, 16:05
I know some girls that like football and they play the game what about the women's super league

30th Mar 2015, 18:10
Targets set by the board do seem strange to be fair and need looked at, getting promoted from the championship to the EPL your more likely to get relegated unless you get decent players in, I was Leicester for 4 year and I got European football 2 years in a row, 1 was Europa league as I won the fa cup, so its not hard for the underdogs.

1st Apr 2015, 17:29
But this was in my second season! The objective for any new team entering the premier league should be to stay up!!!

3rd Apr 2015, 02:48
A compare tool to put the stats of two players next to eachother would be handy, the average score thing is useful but a little limited.

7th Apr 2015, 13:49
Lots to reply to - Welcome to the forums Fish and Dan!

Advanced scouting system for young players: At the moment players age as the game progresses. This means that older players eventually retire and are replaced by newly-generated young players. The young players are randomly generated - that is to say that they are assigned names only when getting created in the real game. Therefore they don't exist as such prior to coming up through the academy and as a result of that they also don't have a 'history' over which you can track them long-term prior to their getting promoted. To be able to add scouting for youngers as they come up I think a lot of work would have to be put in on the backend system.

Transfer List: Sorry, could you confirm whether you're asking us to completely remove the transfer list system?

Adjusting Wage Budget: We won't implement a direct swamp between wage and transfer budget. To do so would make having two different budgets pretty pointless. In my personal mind, it would also remove the challenge of having to balance your wage budget which is an integral part of the game. That being said, you can increase your wage budget by upgrading your commercial advisor.

Additional player information: Some things might be useful to be added but certain other information is probably to obscure to be officially known. Finding out the height of premier league may be straight forward enough, but once you get into the second and third leagues in certain countries where English (Our researchers primarily research in English) information is scarce, that information may be to big of an effort to lock down for no real reward. Primary foot might sounds interesting though :)

Increased Player Interaction: Added above!

Regarding your other comments Fish - each team comes with it's own challenges, meaning that some teams will be easier to manage and achieve board targets over other teams. In particular, I'd have to say that the most prominent teams in a country with the biggest budgets and best players will be easier to play with while slightly smaller teams will provide a bigger challenge. I'll ask the team to take a second look at board targets however.

I'll ask our team about the wages you pointed out.

@Dan - Women's super league could be interesting - It's something for which we'd have to consider how many people would play the women's leagues ultimately. I'll certainly raise it with the folks here.

I like the idea of a compare tool Sardit! Only issue I could see with that is the limited screen space mobile devices offer, but it's certainly something to consider.

23rd Apr 2015, 03:11
Regarding getting sacked or resigning and continuing where we currently are if this is implemented i think we should stay unemployed until job offers come along or we apply for jobs, hoping straight onto a team means we could destroy top teams and hop back on to our main team which would be cheating in a way.

A minor feature which should be easy to do for a teams page is a form bit like WwLLd, caps mean home and not caps mean away, only because if im playing a team i would love to see if there on form or not then i can adjust my tactics accordingly.

23rd Apr 2015, 16:35
new leagues like ukraine grece belgium denmark swizerland austria croatia romania serbia the mls or mexico should be included

23rd Apr 2015, 17:20
Welcome to the forum maclemore, regarding the mls please se the bottom of the arcans post, i agree i would like to see the belgium league added.

7th May 2015, 12:16
We have the reasons why our bids are rejected which was a nice addition but when we keep bidding and getting rejected its like they don't want to sell the player, we should have another message about them not wanting to sell the player maybe for several reasons, valuable member, rival club, only just joined etc.

14th May 2015, 10:11
Sorry about the late reply - regarding additional reasonings, have you experienced this with most players or just a few? Certain clubs may have a certain player who is exceedingly difficult to buy, oftentimes because the club is relatively small and wouldn't have anything without said player (as Odegaard was previously).

21st May 2015, 20:03
when will these updates be implemented?

21st May 2015, 21:48
Hi these will more or less be implemented in CM 16, that is of course if any of these will be implemented, im just guessing tho, GD should confirm when.

28th May 2015, 07:13
Hi all. I'm Maurizio from Italy.
Why you don't give us chance to add real team and competition logos like FMH?
Please add a random team key when start career. The app choose first team to manager for me and i'll wait offer from others teams.

28th May 2015, 12:33
Welcome maurizio, i would love an option to add logos in game, heres hoping they will let us in 16 but i think they wont because of people may pirate the game etc, where not all pirates :), this would bring CM to the next level.

Anyway on features is there news regarding the scottish pyramid as its only 2 leagues so far and not 4 :(

29th May 2015, 15:53
Hi craigibhoy, i don't think this is a pirate problem becouse in FMH you can and this game is not free.
I think could be good if we have logos in game.
About scottish campionships is for add new international championship, i think..

29th May 2015, 15:57
Ah forget!!! Please add kit, generic kits and an internal editor ��

2nd Jun 2015, 16:31
Thanks for the feedback guys - as it happens we do have something in the works that might address your team personalization (if that's a word?) itches... ;)

7th Jun 2015, 03:31
A new column under the financial display for your squad, where the contract and age is displayed, listing transfer status would be appreciated. Currentely you need to select each player individually to check their transfer status.

1st Jul 2015, 11:09
End of season (big :) reward - season long clean sheet (league)

End of match reward - double brace (4 goals for one player)
End of match reward - double hat-trick

- ability to search and sort by nationality (would be nice to more easily create teams purely containing nationals of country of league)
- more interaction during transfers would be nice. For example, ability to say why you are refusing an offer (as other clubs seem to be able to do). Also, some indication of what figure a club wants for a player after repeated increased offers. For example, I have tried to buy several payers valued at just a few million but am still bidding and being refused when I have sometimes reached offers of 50 million plus. Very time consuming adding 1 / 2 / 5 million each time and getting nowhere. If they really do t want to sell perhaps they could just say they will accept no offers rather than waste my time bidding. After all, I can refuse bids on players, so maybe players they do not want to let go (despite repeated upped bids) should not be transfer listed in the first place.

- need more for long-term playing
- 25 / 50 / 100 etc seasons completed
- 10 / 15 / 20 etc winning streaks
- team of same nationality
- 500 / 1000 / 1500 etc goals scored
- win penalty shoot-out

- Cash rewards for achieving manager ratings of 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 etc
- Cash bonus for saving money and coins 50,000 / 100,000 etc
- Bigger financial gain after each match for upgrading stadium
- Bonus for owning 11 / 18 best players (based on ability rating) in the game

- Altered game engine to allow for more goals in a game when one team is way better than the opposition. For example, I have often been 3, 4 or 5 up in a game after 15 mins and certainly by half-time but no further goals have been scored in the match. Would be nice to be able to score 9 or 10 goals in a match every once in a while.
- Have seen a few matches in which two players score a brace each but never two hat-tricks. That would be nice to see once in a while.

12th Jul 2015, 23:12
There are already a lot of great idea posted here and I would like to contribute to the thread.

- Player comparisons are a great idea.
- When viewing the squad I'd like to see the transfer of loan listed being shown by giving the player a different color.
- I would like to be able to choose what messages to receive in the inbox. The confirmation messages for a bid could be left out as far as I'm concerned.
- Enable message selection for mass deletion etc.
- The goals in the first season Premiereship are very unrealistic. Besides that: getting fired after not reaching the targets is really harsh. A manager could be given some slack right?
- I'm unable to find the strength of the teams in the league view.
- What really anoys me is that I have to set my team to the starting 11 each and every match. Please discard the changes made during the match and also enable a save/load function for league/cup matches.
- When a training is bought up to level 5 it's not shown when it'll end.
- It's not possible to delete the message about getting the coach badge. Very annoying.
- A view with pending transfers and loans would be very nice.
- When searching for a goalkeeper it would be nice if the criteria would be specifically shown for the goalkeeper.
- When rejecting a transfer bid for a player I also want to be able to tell the buyer that I will consider a higher bid.
- It would be nice to be able to schedule friendly matches pre season.
- I would really love to be able to drag and drop players on a specific position on the field to create my own formation. Obviously it should be possible to save/load a formation.
- It's really annoying that the ascending and/or descending setting are reset after a player is viewed.
- I would like to be able to set primary and secondary ascending / descending options. Eg. First ability and second age.
- I'd like to set the transfer bid and the wage myself. 4.25m of 9.75m.
- I'd like to see more information in the shortlist. Age, wage, etc. Also the possibility to mass delete players from this list.
- Possibility to assign a player to the opponent's key player to mark him.
- Give individual player instructions like tackling or passing.
- How about adding sponsors? The manager has to make the best deal and can earn more money for the club.

So, quite some suggestions I guess... Let me know if you like them and when they will be in the game! ;)


19th Jul 2015, 23:09
Im back on forums again :) anyway nice features bas.
I agree having to select your starting 11 after changes during a match is a pain lets hope its getting looked into, i was told about this when i posted on fb that was something to do with performance on phones or something like that.
Drag and drop players to make your own formation is a must for any manager so this should be included like in the pc version.
Arranging friendlies should be added aswell i like to play 4 or 5 to see who makes my first choice or bench.
Sponsors aren't handled by the manager IRL but i would like to see sponsors in game and that the board give you extra funds from sponsorship funds for transfers.

22nd Jul 2015, 16:08
Thanks for the extensive suggestions guys.

What really anoys me is that I have to set my team to the starting 11 each and every match. Please discard the changes made during the match

This is actually something our team here has debated extensively. The main reason for it currently keeping your last played players in the formation is down to injuries and red cards. If a player was injured/carded in a previous match and is unable to play the next match, the game would keep trying to put him back into the formation even though he would technically we invalid. Nevertheless, I suppose it comes under the umbrella of saving/loading specific formations. I've made a note of it!

The sponsors meta game sounds interesting though I can't at the moment fully visualize how it would fit in with the current game builds. What do you have in mind specifically? I could imagine it might also cause a bit of a problem legally (i'm not sure if we'd have a license to put official sponsors names/logos into the game) but perhaps that could be circumvented with made up sponsors in game...?

22nd Jul 2015, 17:32
Licenses for sponsors cost money which could be invested in other parts of the game imho so made up names would be perfect.

Another small addition which would be ideal is teams giving us a reason why they want to loan one of my players because if they want him for the bench then i wouldn't loan him out so indications would be nice.

23rd Jul 2015, 08:22
another feature i think is needed is for other teams to offer to loan your players for the whole season

23rd Jul 2015, 15:35
another feature i think is needed is for other teams to offer to loan your players for the whole season

I second this, have no idea why this wasn't included in the first place :).

24th Jul 2015, 22:45
Please grant my request, we can determine
the opponent for a friendly match, and it
was not to be 3 × matches,sory for my bad english,because i'm from indonesia

31st Jul 2015, 10:05
Hello! I play this game a lot and I want to say thanks to makers for making it so great and free-to-play.
but there are some improvements I want to see later on in the game. Other people may have already said them, but I just want to say it again.
So, there's some improvements Id love to see:
-Changing clubs between seasons
-Players go out on internacional duty
-Option to ask for more money from board
-multiple year loans
-option to qualify for Europa League
-multiplayer seasons, so that people can play together. Each players manages their own club (from same league)
-Option to skip games without watching it all slowly playing those texts
-players asking for more game time, more wages and asking to leave
-you could see done transfers from other clubs
-Option to manage youth academy/youth clubs (like if I manage Arsenal, I could manage Arsenal U-21, U-18 exc)
-swap players
-save starting 11

31st Jul 2015, 22:03
Hello! I play this game a lot and I want to say thanks to makers for making it so great and free-to-play.
but there are some improvements I want to see later on in the game. Other people may have already said them, but I just want to say it again.
So, there's some improvements Id love to see:
-Changing clubs between seasons
-Players go out on internacional duty
-Option to ask for more money from board
-multiple year loans
-option to qualify for Europa League
-multiplayer seasons, so that people can play together. Each players manages their own club (from same league)
-Option to skip games without watching it all slowly playing those texts
-players asking for more game time, more wages and asking to leave
-you could see done transfers from other clubs
-Option to manage youth academy/youth clubs (like if I manage Arsenal, I could manage Arsenal U-21, U-18 exc)
-swap players
-save starting 11

Welcome to the forum :) quite nice suggestions.

Changing clubs during the season is something that they are looking at implementing i think this is a there high priority but theres no guarantees altho i think this will be in CM16(Just my opinion tho).
Players going out on int duty is something that in my opinion won't be added as there is no international clubs in CM at present.
Multiple year loans if you mean players going out on loan for 1 season is something i think should have been included from the start.
Qualification for the Europa League should be added.
Done transfers from other clubs and rumors is something i have mentioned and would love to see included.

These are all my own opinions and and as such might not be in CM16.
Either way CM16 is going to be the best CM to date well mobile wise anyway :D

3rd Aug 2015, 18:29
About multiple year loans.
Not only I mean one season, there could be two and three season loans too. Like Montoya (Barca right back. He went to AC Milan on loan for two years.
So yeah. I have other recomendations too, but Im not gonna say them just yet. Want to see what will be in CM16. Does anyone know when its gonna come out?
And btw, I really want co-op (mp) seasons

4th Aug 2015, 00:55
CM16 normally gets released around the start of the EPL season which is next week but no one knows other than the devs. either way i can't wait for CM16 :D

4th Aug 2015, 15:04
Oh and I would like to see a new menu desing, because this one (on CM15) is looking like 2010 made menu

4th Sep 2015, 21:14
Please make the goal for newly promoted sides more realistic (such as avoid relegation, finish in top half within 3 seasons) than qualify for Europa League

Other stuff I'd like to see

Better youth players for all teams, instead just of your team, Brechin city, Bromley and other no-names
Transfer offers for all players, instead of just 78+
Manageable leagues for USA, Australia, Belgium, and Ukraine
More realistic transfers I've seen Neymar bought by Madrid then sold back to Barca in same transfer window and Man United end up with Flanagan, Sakho, and Lovren (3 Liverpool defenders)
International teams that you can manage simultaneously with your club
Longer campaigns past 12 seasons + ability to keep progress after leaving club, instead of going back to 2014
Multiple Accounts on the same device
Scouting network for youth players

Amazing game
9/10 rating
can't wait for CM16

4th Sep 2015, 22:13
Welcome to the forum mkings, first the MLS will not be added into the because there idiots over legal restrictions.
The transfers I agree players getting sold back to the team before in same season happens a lot.
The whole transfer system needs overhauled, I'm in 4th season as man united and most teams have the same squad as at start of the game.

9th Sep 2015, 15:25
Thanks for the feedback! I'll move this to the dedicated thread.

16th Sep 2015, 15:33
We'll be revealing a bunch of the new features to be expected in Champ Man 16 over the coming days and once CM16 is out ill gather them all here in a single post for you to review and also for everyone to see what where we can improve further. Keep an eye out for the updates on Facebook, Twitter and in the dedicated updates thread here!

16th Sep 2015, 16:42
Ok. Really waiting for new game. I think it will be reslly really great. And now ill be able to switch clubs. Im loving it!

24th Sep 2015, 14:55
I'm closing this thread now and will be opening up a new one for CM16 here (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=171788&p=2164376). I'll carry over the features we've already noted here.