View Full Version : 1 GB Update

12th Mar 2015, 03:02
Hopefully this is a sign of a new episode coming soon?

12th Mar 2015, 03:27
I saw the update but didn't actually download it. Steam's update announcement:

Fixed v-sync settings not applied in windowed mode unless going fullscreen

• Fixed email address validation issues in Square Enix Membership screen

•Fixed keymapping issues for Qwerty and Azerty keyboards, where some symbols were switched.

•Fixed print screen key causing the game to crash.

•Fixed several gamepads conflicting making camera move by itself

•Fixed infocast message stuttering

•Fix game not pausing when alt tabbing / switching apps in full screen mode.

•Fix control scheme not switching between gamepad and mouse/keyboard during major choices

•Fixed missing teaser photos at the end of Episode 01.

•Some minor fixes/changes made in order to pave the way for Episode 02 :)

I just wonder what the last one is. I'll have to download eventually and see what the differences are.

12th Mar 2015, 04:31
I immediately noticed that the infocast stuttering text was fixed (Xbox One).

15th Mar 2015, 01:33
The PS3 update was 200 MB. To be honest, I haven't really noticed anything different or improved other than slightly less jittery text.