View Full Version : Grrr Mines

9th Mar 2015, 11:20
How do others deal with these 400 damage menaces?

Especially hard to defend against when you're a Charging Tyrant :(

9th Mar 2015, 11:31
Look for the orange dot on the ground. Then you run over it with the charge or you dodge roll over it. Both lets you evade the damage and stun completely.

Havent seen a mine player being annoying since a long long time.

For charge, you want to be out of the focus fire at the end of the charge. Meaning you do a swift run through, not charge in and stay. Then you come back and clean house (where the rest of your team is hopefully already doing some good damage). At that point you might have the charge back online to do the stunlock combos of the tyrant to spoil someone's day.

9th Mar 2015, 12:19
What do you mean? Charge is great for dealing with mines. When you're running you get out of explosion range before it goes off so it's one of the best ways to set it off safely. Just don't stop. Sentinel grabs work too.

If he's camping in some kind of corner poison haze his ass so he has to leave the post. Walking onto the mine and dodging away/past can also set it off without harming you (although you might get knifed or otherwise ccd, so that's not foolproof).

9th Mar 2015, 14:19
Now that vampire's foot speed has been increased, you can simply run over the Trap and get away before it detonates. No power attacks or dodging required. Untested with Tyrant.

My favorite tactic to use against scouts who camp in a corner with their trap is to do a sneaky power attack to them, and then quickly roll out so the mine doesn't hit you but still explodes on them. Nothing better than killing a scout with his own trap.

9th Mar 2015, 20:08
Agreed great with summoners & Decivers :) activate and doge the opposite direction, of course its harder to Handle in Combat especially with the Tyrant rant ;)

14th Mar 2015, 05:24
Deceivers clone can eventually active the mine . Summoner summons r too :D .

The area of the mine is wide ... even u somehow sit in the middle of it , quickly roll out , it will deal slight dmg at the rear , about 100 . If u stay in the middle , well... 400 in your face :naughty:

22nd Mar 2015, 14:33
When Vampires were slow mines were a big problem. Specially as all scouts can lay down 2 of them before you kill them. I used summons or clones to kill the mine, sometimes damaging the scout. If I was playing another class I would wait for my initiator to get through the mine, before I joined on the scout.

Since the speed is back, I just laugh at all mine users. It's incredibly simple to avoid. I dodge through it or just run through before it ever goes off. The best part is that most scouts want the mine to damage you so they roll back into it just to kill themselves.

IMO: Trap (Mine) Needs a buff, with the new vampire speed the trap needs to go off faster to be viable, it's just to easy to make the scout eat his own Trap at the moment

22nd Mar 2015, 15:32
My biggest problem with Traps is that they go off rather quickly after being laid. Considering vampires often have to be rather immobile to continue hitting a human, it is way too easy for a Scout to land a quick 400 damage and a stagger on you.

I'd like to see the initial arming time for traps increased to prevent this - Traps should require some sort of setup rather than functioning as pseudo-grenades. In exchange the delay from trigger to explosion could be slightly decreased to offset the faster movement of Vampires.