View Full Version : How to fight against 3 Deceivers Dominate Mind?

8th Mar 2015, 19:13
How will you fight against 3 deceivers with Dominate mind? Ideas?

8th Mar 2015, 23:08
3 x Prophet Hex + Eldrich
1 x Healing Alchemist

Eldrich the victim(s), Hex the dominator(s) - constantly move to cancel line of sight

Healer Alchemist coz you don't get to use heal stations much


10th Mar 2015, 14:58
swift bow scout is a great counter to dominate minds. don't put yourself in a position to get dominated while simultaneously keeping all teamates in your LOS and you'll be golden.

25th Mar 2015, 10:26
Thats sounds like a funny idea, Dominate mind with a lot of People,but i never saw it.

25th Mar 2015, 10:38
2 dominate mind Deceivers coordinating on voice coms are super effective. When all 4 humans are alive and fortified in position, vamp team is handicapped a little. But if they ever manage to break thru and capitalize on the chaos it is very hard for humans to regroup and settle back in.

25th Mar 2015, 21:35
except that dominate mind roots yourself in place while you are in control, it takes way too much positioning to mind control someone and be out of reach of the other humans, often its easily breakable by just attacking the deceiver, except it seems people are unaware often time I'm the one getting controlled and the team just stands there taking pot shots at a flying sentinel across the map instead of shooting the over exposed deceiver. Team work is the key to beating any cc skill. I really doubt they would be getting 3 off in the same second, it just requires too much positioning, if you work quickly to break the first out then he basically cannot engage without disguise, unless from rooftops and such. mind control itself does abysmal damage and if it breaks early, even less.

9th Jun 2015, 19:27
How will you fight against 3 deceivers with Dominate mind? Ideas? You can't fight ZEPHONS VOICE!