View Full Version : U.K sentinal/Scout player looking for a competitive group to play with.

7th Mar 2015, 19:32

As the title suggests, I am looking around for some good players in general to play with. Preferably those who are in on the competitive scene in nosgoth.

I have only played nosgoth for around 100 hours. with around 46 hours actual gameplay. However, I do feel that I am quite a good player since I have won a lot of games. I started playing a month ago. I currently have a 56% win rate. That might not look impressive, but it is kinda hard to get a better win rate when you have players on your side who don't care about teamwork and just go in 1v4 lol. Then it's 4v3 and you lose the fight for that reason. I have been getting that a lot! I have also played competitive before in other games. Such as Dota, Counter strike, Smite while it was in beta and Finally Hearthstone. I also used to Have my own competitive team In Dota and Counter strike. It was fun times. I am free every day since I am a hardcore gamer. Also, I am not strictly sentinel/scout exclusive even though those are my best classes. I also play other classes from time to time so I can contribute more to the fights, witch can help win the game.

If you are Interested, leave a reply here in this thread or add me on steam. My steam profile is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Evil6946/

Thank you for your time and have fun in nosgoth. :)

10th Mar 2015, 16:18
hey man im very interested in getting into a team, im danish and have played 150+ hours, as humans i play everything except prophet, as vampires i play everything but sentinel. add me on steam as ydorn


i would add you but the link you provided doesn't seem to work and i can't really find you on steam in any other way