View Full Version : Kingdom Hearts - Remake for PS4 and XBOX ONE Please!

5th Mar 2015, 23:25
This would be a capital move for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Not only would this booster sales for the franchise but the systems as well. Not to mention with Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out just around the corner - It would give us something to sweeten the pot and the long awaited arrival.

Honestly, it gives me a reason to get rid of the PS2 (granted the PS2 was and still is the best selling console around = http://www.gamespot.com/articles/gamestop-once-again-accepting-ps2-trade-ins/1100-6425619/ ). That is the only reason I have kept my PS2. I still play both of these games at least once a week or two (I work 13 days on and get 1 day off of my 2 jobs).

One of the most important points though is XBOX never had the series at all on their systems. Die hard XBOX fans who never played Kingdom Hearts (due to it being on Playstation) has never experienced the games on that system.

Or, another idea - do like Halo did with the XBOX One. Do a complete series gaming set or download (including Kingdom Hearts 3). The only issue with this option would be it would kill the hype awaiting Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out on this systems.

Besides - I loved Final Fantasy X but Kingdom Hearts is a better series than that if you tack on X-2 -- No point in not redoing the Kingdom Hearts Series

29th Jun 2015, 10:42
I desperately want this to happen. I have a PS2 and i guess my copies of KH are now really old and don't work as well as they used to, after the PS2 I moved onto the Xbox360 and never got to play the remixes as they're PS3 exclusives.
I now have the PS4 and I'm awaiting KH3 whilst secretly awaiting the remixes for PS4 (and XboxOne for those who use that).

http://uk.ign.com/articles/2014/12/02/first-kingdom-hearts-games-could-still-hit-ps4-and-xbox-one here's an article in which Tai Yasue shows his interest in bringing the remixes to the PS4 and possibly XboxOne. He says that they'd love to do it but they don't want to delay KH3 any more, so if we do get the remixes ported then it would likely be after KH3 releases.

Something people have said to me is that the remixes won't sell however I think it will (in fact if you type "KH remixes" onto google the first result adds "PS4" to the search) but if Testua Numora would prefer they could even develop KH DDD for the remixes as well giving it extra value.
They could also do what the FFX remaster did and include both the games in one package (meaning that 1.5 and 2.5 can appear in one box).