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5th Mar 2015, 15:26
Hi all,i am KryptoniteS.
Today i want to talk about Flashpoint (FP). Good sides and bad ones.

Lets start whit good side:
First of all its another playing mode except Team Death match whic is huge + . In my opinion i would get bored sooner or later just playing this mode. In TDm,your main goal is staying alive and kill which sometimes can be really stressful for players and we all know what stress do to our body and nerve system,yelling,hitting,fight whit parents and etc. My point is, in Flashpoint you dont have to count and be worried: how much times you have died,did he again lived whit 50hp and killed me,etc. again thats huge + . Why? Because in FP that is not goal! You can die 100 times and no one except your teammates care,BUT if you die 100 times and be useful to your team. Do great amount of dmg,capture points,heal and etc. NO ONE WILL CARE IF YOU DIED 100 times . In TDm its opposite story. If you die few time,someone can call you mean names,curse you,troll whole team and even leave game leaveing you to fight 4v3 for few min. which is more than enough to make a difference in winning and loseing matter. I am not saying people are not leaveing on FP but not because of this reasons i said little earlier. If someone is really is bad at FP and somebody rage quit its problem of MM for putting low lvl player in FP game whit high lvl players and getting wrecked hard. If that is not the case,game mode is insanely FUN. And other HUGE + is that instead of hidding and minimum shooting on enemys that are trying not to get hit and die, is that just by doing three things game (score) you get in Team Death Match is ridiculosuly LOW. There are games when you lose nervers and try your best,be 1st in your team and etc. But you just get around 1500scoure. The reasons are mentoned above. In FP mode your goal is to defend/capture post (A,B,C,D,E) and there are always to post availabele. You dont cound how much times you died,all you want to do is to stop other team/capture post. Just whit that change score of player if played good can be high up over 2000 EASY which in TDm mode is not the case. Your not so frustrated if you die because it doesn't matter so much. As long as you capture/defened posts you will get exp/score.

Thats all good i can say about FP. And i started on purpose whit good because bad sides are 3x more.

So lets start from beginning:
I will not blame MM for putting low lvl players who want to try FP mode in teams whit good players and start havoc just because low lvl players skill is so bad that hes getting destroyed easy by veteran player and he just starts to be burden for his team haveing scores lik 0-10,1-13 and etc. Thats whole new topic for it self. I want to point at begenning huge problem of waiting in loby for match to be found! In middle of day (EU) averge waiting time is around 5 min,which comared to TDm about 0:43 is A LOOT of time waiting and hopeing MM will find you game. And i wont even start talking about evening. Nummbers are more than 10min minimum in waiting. Once game is found, in addition which map your playing on (veteran players of FP) knows immediately where are vampires and humans spawning places.
The Fane map: Is all random but all vampires spawn at B,allmost whole game. Humans are dropped randomly or around C. But again when you have to DEF. A and B good luck whit that because posts are on other sides of map. on E its battle royal.
Sommerdamm: One of THE worst balance in FP, both humans and vampires trough WHOLE game are spawning just on A ! Disaster for that game, in that case skill of your team or enemy team is valied more. Why? Because either you have skill enough to overpower vampiers and go to B or (rather never) to C and capture your 1st point. If you cant overpowerd vampires,well thats a shame for you because you will be spawning for 5:30min at A and rush to B hopeing you will capture but you will just be daying while your enemy is waiting you at B (or C which is close to B) in ambush and DIE AGAIN in neverending game whit a loot of rage. MAYBE you will capture B and other points to capture would be C/D or C/E in which case (Because your still spawinng at A trough whole game/ Duuhh) you will be forced to run acrose whole map in hope you will get there undetected or at least more than half HP. Once you arrive there is one bigger problem. There is no one there! Your only one capping while 3 of your teammates dead and 4 vampires are comming to kill you. Hopeing for some help? hah,help just spawned on other side of map on A so no help for you and your try to capture post. And if you manage to capture D,now posts are C/E or C/A if posts are C/E well its same story like D just little closer (not on other edge of map like D) but still its really hard to capture it as D is. If its C/A ! well then its time for BATTLE ROYALE !
You ALL spawn at A remmember ! and humans are capturing A! Your DEF. A, its blodshed to your knees! sometimes someone can slip fighting at A go to C start captureing C,you left A kill one on C,go back to A,enemy have half circle captured and you kill them all and they again spawn on A and they continue to capture A until they got that post. So,as you can see its one big hell of a mess!

Before i continue whit maps and other problems i want to say that when vampires attack humasn that are capturing any post on any map CAPTURING DOESN'T STOP ! How many times did i whit team start fighting whit humans on some posts and post is still loading there points. And 1 humans i left just to be 1 hitted and HE capture point! Nah, **** you 3 vampires you survived i got this point just because i am still alive whit 20hp and standing in for my opinion HUGE imaginary circle. And the second thing is the humans you just killed SPAWNED right at the post they neeed to capture whit full hp! Like whut?! Where is there logic?!

Lets continue whit map problems,
Provance: As Sommerdamm that map is sad. All vampires are spawning mostly on B !!! and humans except randomly spawn on A and B ! its same story, on B is battle royal ! and humans you killed magically spawn on A which you should DEF. too. (B/A) and you rush there kill him and think your done. But NO,2 humans spawn now on B! and 2 FULL HP humans spawn on A killl you (and your teammates) and **** you free post for us! and they get both in my opinion FREE posts/points 2/6 and thats 120sec more on 5:30 already at beginning of game. Map is so small and whit bad spawns its really hard to DEF. lets say B/C ! thats other side of map! but noo! again magicaly they spawn right on other side of map and started capturing and same thing as B/A and etc.
Valeholm: All vampires spawn mostly on B whole game. So does humans sometimes. When is B post you have to capture is again battle royal whit both spawing vampires and humans until magically spawning system decided to put you (human/vampire) on other side of map and let other one capture/def. that post just because they spawned again whit FULL HP on B and kill you after you fought like lions to kill them and left whit 100hp to capture. There is case when your capturing post (mostly on A) and vampire spawn right IN your post. Like,hi! I just came here thx to magically spawning system and will kill you,thx come again.
Last map Freeport: All vampires spawn mostly trough whole game on E ! and humans spawn mostly on D,sometimes (E) and randomly. From E its really hard to DEF. when you have to protect posts as B/D or C/B or A/D why? Because from E you need time to 1st come to ABCDE and to acctualy kill humans if you can. If not well who cares he will get again 2 points B/D just beacuse you cant come fast eoungh even if you kill D,B is almost captured and its free post/point for them. Same story trough whole game and whit posts. When is E/B or E/A well if someone again went alone to capture that far away post on other side while they again magically spawn on B and you run fast as you can thinking theres 1 human capturing B and you find 4 full hp humans around post. Good luck whit that.

As you can see flashpoint need A LOOT of work on balancing spawning system. I am glad Nosgoth is aware of that and they are working on it. I am writing this to help them see WHAT THE PROBLEM IS/ARE and to fasten the pace of that. I personllay love FP just because of more score (exp) you can make playing good instead like on TDm mode.

I know i said things you all already know. So i want to talk about solutions:

In my opinion in FP mode, if humans have to capture lets say A/B. You can only capture 1 point! That means if you capture A, B dont stay available for capture any more and pattern is change! 2 NEW posts are now available lets say E/C. Same goes for capturing speed of posts. If there is a fight at post speed must be at least halfed or even paused. Decay speed of points varys. Sometimes it looks like its going to fast sometime to slow (depends of point of view,vampire/human) I suggest that imagine circle for captureing post (circle O ) lets say the 1/4 of circle decay FAST! 2/4 and 3/4 normal and 4/4 part of circle decay fast. Why is that? Because if some human wonders and try to be smart go alone on OTHER side of map to capture that post,if you kill him and IF he just capture 1/4 circle it will decay fast and will not encourage others to split from team and capture by them self.4/4 circle decay fast because if they spawn close or worse in spawn post again they will just continue to capture like nothing did happend. Whit this system vampires too will be given time brake to acctualy have a chane of DEF. that post and not running like a mad man and watching post almost captured decay slowly and woop,some human just got there 1st and finish the cap and FREE point. Whit this system it will be always 3/4 of circle that can give humans and vampires more EQUALLYchance! The POINT of FP is for WHOLE team to be together and whit combined strenght to capture and def. vs vampires. I would personally restrict humans to be able to capture 1 post at the time/or if you cant,then use again pattern of 2 new posts to be captured. We all noticed that at beginning of game you have to post lets say A/B. If you capture A, B remains but only A change, B/E. Then you capture E,B/D and etc. Why am i skiping to capture B ? well thats because on some maps that post is vampires spawning point. and you dont want to play battle royal and will go always to other post leaving that post alone. And another reason i want to say that you need to implement this system (if 1 out of 2 is captured) 2 new posts are available. Because a loot of time/games theres someone being smart and go alone to capture (A/B) B, while 3 of his teammates capture A ! so hear is script we all well know: Either 3 players will kill vampires and cap A and whit current system new posts will be B/C and human who alone captured 3/4 will capture immediately B for FREE and give humans not 60sec of time ! 120 free seconds because Vampires and humans have time before being respawned back to game. And God only know how much games i lost just because of this system and how much time did this system gave TIME to enemy tean that should had lost. I am talking less than a minut and BAM! from nowhere! they have 2min:30sec MORE! like whut?! why?

I am tired of writing,over 2 hours this cost me. I dont know what to do about spawning places. But please if anyone have something to ADD or CORRECT me please do! Tell me what you think FP needs to be better and what did i miss to say. If Nosgoth just listen to me about capturing posts system and decay/pausa syestem FP would immeduately be 50% BETTER i guarntee for sure.

Thank you for reading this,tell me What do you think FP needs to be better?

Regards, KryptoniteS.

5th Mar 2015, 15:33
Capture points that don't start before players are able to move and spawn points that don't place all players in exactly the same location as the opposing team would be a start.

5th Mar 2015, 15:46
Yea, i totally forgot that to say! Ty for reminding me this. Sometimes before even match starts humans spawn right at the point and capture more then 2/4 or even 3/4 and get a free point.

Ty again Vampmaster

6th Mar 2015, 15:58
Yeah I love FP (so much so I'll only play TDM if I can't find a game for ages). There are a few issues and I did have a bit of a rant (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=152615&highlight=capture+point) about some of them in a bug I reported.

I do think they should really take a look sooner than later at this great mode. The spawns were not good before they implemented the recent changes a few patches ago, but they were far better than they are now...which is governed more by if you happen to get the "good" spawns you win.

Most the time when I play now I just recycle which is kinda sad as I love the mode...I'll either spawn with two vampires and just be killed or I'll spawn across the other side of the map and have to run the whole thing to find my team who are either dead or near death...and then I die…

…ok enough moaning from me now.

I'm not sure what they can do to fix the issue permanently, but for now maybe revert to a previous version or – maybe add something to randomly generate spawn locations.

I don't know I just want the mode to be looked at sooner than later as less and less people are playing the mode because of the issues – I think FP really needs some TLC from the devs – it deserves some love :D

6th Mar 2015, 16:47
The spawn points could have a cooldown like the capture points do. Just spawn players at a point that's not had a member of the enemy team within it's radius for a long time.

15th Mar 2015, 14:29
Personally I would not make a change in tthis mode, but only MMR. Most of times I play, it's an unbalanced game with 0-6 then 6-0, it's rare to find a balanced game :/
For the rest, I like it, nothing to say..

15th Mar 2015, 16:49
Personally I would not make a change in tthis mode, but only MMR. Most of times I play, it's an unbalanced game with 0-6 then 6-0, it's rare to find a balanced game :/
For the rest, I like it, nothing to say..

Yeah maybe this is the unbalance (last night seemed ok on it though) - this could be a solution, maybe have FP have a separate MMR thingy, it is a different mode so shouldn't really be counted against how you play in other modes.

15th Mar 2015, 20:19
they should decrease the cap rate for when humans split up and capture 2 points simultaneously. seriously, this is as bad as scout's traps

20th Mar 2015, 18:26
Another thing I would change : scoreboard. Different results as xp conquested points, number of points conquered personally near the cannon and other results concerninf flashpoint mode, that would be different to team deathmatch scores :)

21st Mar 2015, 12:23
Yeah I only played a bit and it was very unclear how the points are captured exactly - as a Vampire, I don't really know how to stop the capping, except that I need to kill every last human. Then when my barely alive team does the last kill, 3 fully healed humans come and finish us off. This way to point capping does not stop at all and they win the point. Not very fair.

As a Human, it was pretty common to spawn on the other side of the map and have a vampire spawn right into my face when I am running to my team, which usually resulted in me getting heavily wounded or killed.

This mode needs a tutorial of sorts.

21st Mar 2015, 12:28
You need to stop humans capturing the point by hanging around so the timer doesn´t advance (if there is equal amount of humans and vampires) or kill them all so it´s starts to drop. I think once the points change to a new location, vampires earn a point, but I am not sure if that is the case for sure.

22nd Mar 2015, 11:07
(...) I think once the points change to a new location, vampires earn a point, but I am not sure if that is the case for sure.

Exactly, nobody really knows for sure how the mode works. We really need some insight on that.