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2nd Mar 2015, 15:13
So, I've beaten BO1 numerous times on PC and now I own a PS1 version through PSN (yaaay!). I couldn't help but notice there were several differences between the two versions that were curiously unmentioned on any LoK fansites. So here we go:
Technical stuff:

On PC the loading is lightning fast
On PS1 there are the infamous loading times
The gameplay itself is noticeably slower on PC compared to PS1.
Patches to run the game under modern systems lock it in 640x480 zoomed-out mode, while on PS1 zoomed-out and zoomed-in modes are always a button away.


At Ziegsturhl signpost Kain only says "This is where the bloody deed of my murder took place" on PS1. On PC he also adds "I will not be kind to the denizens that lurk here. They will taste my steel and I their blood!".
On PC at the Pillars Kain will not only name each Pillar, but also mention who their guardians are. At the Pillar of Balance he'll say "The Pillar of Balance, once defended by Ariel. The Pillars choose their own".
On PC in the Spirit Forges the line "Shed your blood for me and these artifacts will be yours" is followed with "Imagine what power you could wield".
Curiously, on PC the voices in Spirit Forges and Blood Fountains don't have the extra effect added to them like on PS1, which sadly makes them less atmospheric.

If I find any other differences, I will list them here.

3rd Mar 2015, 14:10
Well spotted. However, I previously documented the rest of those alternate dialogues here (http://legacyofkain.wikia.com/wiki/Blood_Omen:_Legacy_of_Kain/Miscellaneous_dialogue#Miscellanea:_Alternative_dialogue).

Perhaps the most interesting is the line indicating the human Malek was already "protector of the Pillar of Conflict" – seems there may have been a little dispute on that matter even internally at the time! There's also an unused voiceover (http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/legacyofkain/images/8/88/BO1-Sound-av0337.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20130704192313) unique to the PC version which offers another origin for the Heart of Darkness items.

3rd Mar 2015, 17:31
Leave it to me to make a fool out of myself.

Curious find on the Heart of Darkness - and makes way more sense too, wonder why did they change it.

6th Mar 2015, 22:30
Also, inherently the PC does contain the same terrible loading times. It's only via the fanmade patches that they have been eliminated (and why I love them for it!).

7th Mar 2015, 20:29
Yeah, but nobody's going to play without'em even if they wanted anyway, so might as well include it.