View Full Version : 24hr Perk Rewards

2nd Mar 2015, 14:07
Does anyone use them?
I tend to delete them to stop Expired items clogging up my inventory.

2nd Mar 2015, 14:57
Back in the day I'd use them to try a different setup if it was a perk I wanted to try but didn't feel like dropping the (admittedly) small amount of gold to try it out. But now after playing as long as I have, I have all the permanent perks I'd ever consider using. I think the 24hr are useful for newer players to have an option outside the perk of the day.

2nd Mar 2015, 15:19
No. I feel trolled whenever I get one. Especially back when a bug made it so I didn't see my own rewards at the match end screen.

I'm pretty sure the perks are too rare and last too short to be useful to new players as well. I'd love to see them removed from the reward pool.

2nd Mar 2015, 15:45
I wouldn't mind if they are removed from the reward pool but only after a certain level, say 20?

2nd Mar 2015, 16:00
I never understood why 24-hour perks exist in this game as loot. Even if you get an uncanny (green-quality) drop the quality of your loot is better beyond measure if you compare it to the perk.

The only way I see perks being useful as drops is if instead of a perk you get a token that gives you a 25% discount for perk purchases (and yes, they would stack so that if you are unlucky enough to loot a bunch you can at least save some gold on buying the perk for free). But even this system is bad by design since at some point those tokens will be obsolete (just as they are now, it's just new players get some more value out of their loot for some time).

I'd say they should be removed from the loot table. They aren't even worthwhile to try new builds since you can always rent one for a WEEK for very cheap.