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2nd Mar 2015, 13:12
Hello, this may seem , at first , an inconsiderate and immature request but please try to take it seriously !

My complaint and suggestion is in regards of the Visual FX : Toxic. I was not aware of this effect and I am horrified , now that I got it. More exactly , I have seen some of the COOL ( and I cannot stress this word enough) effects and I was incredibly excited to get mine. I worked a lot on getting my first mysterious item to level 4 ( Mysterious Bold-Thrower ) , which is a special event you might say . Now imagine my disappointment when I finally get the TOXIC FX. Not only is not what I expected but it , and excuse me for this , resembles a pile of *****. Why? because it looks like it and has FLIES flying around it. Not only this but here is my actual point : The visual fx is supposed to be the last , most wanted and desired REWARD for a good and persistent player . It's meant to distinguish those players and , ultimately : to look COOL. . It fails miserably to do so and actually acts like a punishment .

So my suggestion and request is : either change it into something as awesome as the others ( Maybe with green/black clouds and particles swirling around it and green poison-like drops dripping from it ) OR at least : change mine into any of the others. PLEASE. I cannot stand it.

2nd Mar 2015, 14:09
There are loads of threads about this all merged into one big thread you should have used the search function to find it, There is no need for another thread on this.

2nd Mar 2015, 16:08
Not only is not what I expected but it , and excuse me for this , resembles a pile of ****.
That actually cracked me up!

We're all with you friend, a lot of people have been rallying and saying how they find Toxic to be a very disappointing visual.

But hey, at least you've got some sense to not be yelling about quitting the game because of it!

2nd Mar 2015, 20:26
I can't be the only person that actually wants to shoot poo at his opponents, right?

2nd Mar 2015, 22:45
The arrows don't even look different. It's just ... meh.

4th Mar 2015, 00:32
I personally like poop hands. It fits toxic very much. What better way to infect your enemy's wounds than poopy poisonous claws?