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2nd Mar 2015, 13:05
Welcome to our twenty-first monthly* official TR forums exclusive developer Questions & Answers session!

We're holding one of these Q&A sessions every month* on this forum, where you guys can direct your burning questions to the dev team. During each session, the 5 best questions will be picked out by Meagan Marie and answered by a CrystalD crew member. Just a few conditions:

- Maximum 2 questions per member per Q&A session.

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- Post only intelligent, well thought-out questions which are articulate, clear and to the point.



I really loved the music in the Turning Point trailer. Will it be the Main Theme of the game?


omg omg omg this is awesome thank u guys for doing this im so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k my question is about the trailer! I really liked the music in it and its sumthing i listen to often because i play violin and stuff lol so i know u guys maybe dont wanna give too much info away already but i guess what else is the point of this thread, rite? lmao. so pleasssssssssseeeeeee tell me if the music is gonna be the main theme in the game. i sooooooo much loved it and i wanna hear it for all the time when im on the title screen lolololololololol


This session will end on March 16, 2015

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2nd Mar 2015, 15:19
1: How easy or difficult is it to reflect the legacy of Tomb Raider while at the same time staying true to your vision for the reboot?

2: Were there any interesting lessons learned in the technical aspects of creating Tomb Raider 2013 that have made the creation of RotTR better/easier/different and can you share any examples?

2nd Mar 2015, 15:27
1. will we be able to play as other characters in the game?

2. will we have any playable flashbacks of lara and sam? to explain their friendship, like how they have met and what they have done?

2nd Mar 2015, 15:44
1. When will Rise of The Tomb Raider come to PS4/PC?

2. With 20.2 million PS4s sold is it really a good idea to deprive the largest 8th gen console install base a game they were looking forward to?

2nd Mar 2015, 16:06
Okay guys, just so you know, we're going to moderate this Q&A thread more so than the last one. In #20 we've already seen loads of potshots and the forum staff turned a blind eye to them because we understand that there are bad feelings about the MS deal and that some of you want to vent, but these official Q&A sessions are not the appropriate place for that.

So please make sure your questions fit the format of this thread, or use one of the dedicated discussion threads on the MS topic:



2nd Mar 2015, 16:58
1. How will work the underwater swimming system? Lara Will haver a breath/air bar or will be for example like Far Cry 3

2. How will works the new TressFx in Rise? Since AMD is updrading to 3.0 this time Lara's hair will interact with the enviroment? In some screenshots we see snow on her hair, when she is swimming does her dair change to?

2nd Mar 2015, 17:34
1 Will you be removing the white ledges or at least giving us the option to turn them and the automated sticky platforming off?

2 The new lara feels clumsy, she always falling off things it seems. Will she regain some of the grace she was originally known for in the past with signiture moves like the swan dive, handstand and other acrobatics returning?

2nd Mar 2015, 18:48
1.) how difficult is it to develop for Xbox one in comparison to the Playstation 4? Is there a lot of differences in the hardware/software and how they communicate?

2.) Not asking when, but asking will, the game eventually release on PS4?

Edit* my second original question was trying to skirt around the issue that's been bugging me since I heard it, but I need clarity as do the rest of the fans. I wish they could or would give an answer. It would make the waiting less torment filled. I won't ever purchase an Xbox one unless I come into a large sum of $$ so no point in pretending lol

2nd Mar 2015, 19:06
1. How diverse are Lara's gymnastics abilities going to be and does it mean we are going to see her doing handstands and swan dives again?

2. There are many people who like to have their games safe and sound on a disc, me included. Are physical copies of future games, assuming there will be any, going to be eventually abandoned?

2nd Mar 2015, 19:44
1. Will you enforce console parity or push the limits of each platform?

2. Dual pistols. Hint please, anything?

2nd Mar 2015, 20:35
Okay guys, just so you know, we're going to moderate this Q&A thread more so than the last one. In #20 we've already seen loads of potshots and the forum staff turned a blind eye to them because we understand that there are bad feelings about the MS deal and that some of you want to vent, but these official Q&A sessions are not the appropriate place for that.

I don't want the devs to get the impression that this issue has 'blown over' and Darrell did say about questions on the deal 'Please do send them to us, and we’ll answer to the best of our ability.'

1. Are CD aware of the large response the fans have shown over the last 6 months towards the exclusivity deal with MS?

2. Do you feel that the TR fanbases on PS and PC are still important to you in moving TR forward as a brand?

3rd Mar 2015, 00:23
I'm going to ask mine again, if that's allowed. Genuinely curious about both questions, especially the 2nd one from a devs viewpoint as opposed to what the gaming media claims is differences.

1. What are the chances of getting a copy of 'L.C.T.o.O.' on the disc so we can have a physical copy?

2. When it comes to newer systems, what are the biggest differences as far as what you're able to do with an X-Box 1 that you couldn't do with a 360, and how steep is the learning curve (if any) when developing for the newer consoles?

3rd Mar 2015, 03:53
1. Will there be a new game plus after finishing the compaign?
2. How much will the environment effect Lara? Will Lara's clothes rip and get dirty like in the previous game? Will snow stick to her hair and clothes, and melt in warmer environments?

3rd Mar 2015, 05:06
1. Will Lara have any further hand-to-hand/close quarters combat skills (not as "weapon contextual" as in TR2013)

3rd Mar 2015, 16:15
I don't want the devs to get the impression that this issue has 'blown over' and Darrell did say about questions on the deal 'Please do send them to us, and we’ll answer to the best of our ability.'

1. Are CD aware of the large response the fans have shown over the last 6 months towards the exclusivity deal with MS?

2. Do you feel that the TR fanbases on PS and PC are still important to you in moving TR forward as a brand?

Questions are fine; we're not banning questions about the MS deal from these Q&A sessions. But potshots aren't, and will be moderated, like in post #4. The 2 questions you asked in your post are appropriate and don't require moderating :)

4th Mar 2015, 03:43
Will Lara be able to sprint in ROTTR?

4th Mar 2015, 13:13
1) Will there be many locations outside of Siberia/Oasis (or just outside of the snowy or forest areas)?
2) In what ways will the upgrade systems be improved?

4th Mar 2015, 15:17
1) I hated the combat QTE's in TR9 (ie, mash button escape from wolf bite). I loved the open crate/door QTE's though (not sure if that's a QTE). Is there internal debate regarding implementation of QTE's?
2) TR9 Lara was feminine in many ways, except her clothing. Any plans to change that?

Thank you! :cheek:

4th Mar 2015, 22:51
1. Will Rise of the Tomb Raider be coming to PS4 and PC?

2. If so, when?

4th Mar 2015, 23:10
1. LCTOO had a lot of choices when it comes to Lara outfits including more feminine options so will we get to choose from a similarly wide range of clothing in ROTTR?

2. Lara went into the last adventure very much unprepared so to what extent is she more supplied and resourced (or not) going into this adventure?

6th Mar 2015, 15:55
1. Will there be more varied unlockable outfits present for those who want to go for practical or more stylish choices?

2. Will ROTTR restore the place of Croft Manor in the TR chronology?

11th Mar 2015, 20:30
1, Will there be a fast travel system in Rise, and if so, will fast travel be possible from country to country? (assuming the different locations mean different countries)?.

2, How limited is the team in developing a new theme for Tomb Raider considering survival action is the new main concept? (as opposed to action adventure TR used to have).

11th Mar 2015, 20:49
Which are the new elements you're introducing to the game (I know this is kinda spoilerish, but I wanna know if there are any innovations that will set this game apart)? :D

14th Mar 2015, 14:46
I will try being very restrained on the questions I want to ask so my questions not get deleted

1. Have CD heard the feedback that has been given on the exclusivity deal?

2. Were CD already anticipating what has happened in terms of a fan reaction or were you expecting a more positive response?

14th Mar 2015, 20:31
I have only one question:

When will Rise of the Tomb raider be made available to PS4 and PC, if at all?

16th Mar 2015, 20:52
Thanks for all the questions, everyone. I'm closing this thread now. I'll post answers when they're ready to go! :)

27th Mar 2015, 18:12
Re-opening this thread to reveal answers. Behind the scenes, it was a lot of fun chatting with Noah about your questions. :D We both agreed there were some great questions from the community! :thumb:

See below for your answers and start thinking of what you’d like to ask when we open up our next Q&A session. :scratch:

Noah Hughes (Franchise Creative Director): Yes, we have a lot of that stuff. We have story specific progression, as we did last time. Referencing Game Informer as an example, Lara manages to survive her encounter with the bear but not without taking a shredded jacket and a wound to show for it.

We also have system-based reflection of damage on Lara. So if you are hurt, that will show on her character in certain ways. Then, we have the wet and dry states, so when you get in the water, Lara will get wet and then progressively dry off. We also have a dirty state, so she’ll go through situations that leave mud or other dirt on her character and that will clean off. And we have areas where snow might stick to her hair and then melt away indoors.

In addition to that, we try to go even one step farther to have it affect Lara’s animations, so when she steps near a source of heat, she might warm her hands on it. When she steps back out into the cold, she might shiver for a moment as she adjusts to the temperature. We try to go past the visual layer and add a behavioral layer.

We’ve tried to do as much as we can to connect Lara with the world, so a lot of this is the team enjoying adding details to the character because it supports her, grounding her in the moment. In the context of the story, they almost become reminders of everything you’ve been through, and how far you’ve come since the beginning of the game. They reinforce the systems on the moment-to-moment basis, and reinforce the journey on a game basis.
[From official forum Q&A session #21 (March 2015)]

Noah Hughes (Franchise Creative Director): Lara will have some new close quarters combat opportunities based on gear items. It’s a little bit different than the weapon contextual ones in 2013 – those were the ranged weapons. Adding melee finishers with things like the knife is a new type of melee skill that we give Lara. Beyond that, we give finishers from specific stealth opportunities. We’ve seen things like stealth kills from a bush in a number of games, but it starts to feel more Lara-like and survival-y when you’re doing take downs from the trees, or one of my favorites is the stealth kill from the water. These are all ways we have enhanced her core abilities to finish guys up close, especially as an extension of our new enhancements to stealth gameplay.

All of those play into your ability to approach combat and take advantage of these different tools and locational opportunities that the player has. In characterizing Lara, it’s important that we promote her mobility and her agility and use of the environment and a lot of other things that set her apart as a character, and we don’t want to make her melees so effective that she essentially brawls her way through the game. [From official forum Q&A session #21 (March 2015)]

Noah Hughes (Franchise Creative Director): One of the things we really do try to promote is a world that’s dense with traversal and platforming opportunities and try to make it as interesting as possible, especially using Lara’s traversal skills and even traversal gear as you gain it in the game. Oftentimes, we try to create areas that are denser more so than vast and expansive. We speed up your traversal in the world through skill and platforming rather than strictly running.

We try to tune Lara’s speed such that it’s effective in combat and promotes that mobility. Like I said, you can run fast enough to create distance and things like that, but we really promote interesting traversal more than sprinting across open terrain. The truth is we get requests for it still. But I guess the way we respond to those requests is we try to make those areas more fun to traverse rather than to simply get you through quicker. [From official forum Q&A session #21 (March 2015)]

Noah Hughes (Franchise Creative Director): It’s important to recognize that we very much see Tomb Raider as an action adventure game and that survival action isn’t “instead of” an action adventure. It’s really informed sort of the flavors that we bring to the action adventure experience.

When you come out of the reboot and talk about hostile wilderness and ancient spaces guarded by inhabitants like bears or wild wolves, the reality is the original Tomb Raider had wolves and bears. A lot of the things that have been wrapped into a survival theme have always been there as part of the franchise. The hostile environment, the treacherous terrain being one of the greatest opponents, and the wildlife in those spaces is informed by the original.

In some ways we’ve pushed survival feeling different than it did before. We go that extra step to try to make sure she’s not relying too heavily on her gear and equipment that she brings with her, and that may be a bit differentiated from the previous games where being well-equipped and rich is very much a part of it. There is sort of this commitment to create situations where Lara has to face these hostile wildernesses in a more one-on-one, stripped of her gear situation, and has to use her wits and her resourcefulness and what she can find in the environment in order to survive. So that’s where it starts to take on that survival tone and experience but again, I feel like those are really a fictional formalization of a lot of the ingredients that were always a part of Tomb Raider.

We talk about not relying too heavily on the gear and trying to recreate this almost David and Goliath story, where Lara has to take on this daunting wilderness in order to unlock its secrets. Part of that is to bring out her character, to recognize her determination and her wit and resourcefulness. And then, as she starts to get immersed in the myth and the culture, her book learning and intellect and intelligence all come into play. It really is that package together that makes her the Tomb Raider.
[From official forum Q&A session #21 (March 2015)]

Noah Hughes (Franchise Creative Director): We do hotly debate the subject of QTE’s and we have taken a different approach in this game than in the last. Having said that, we haven’t removed all the combat related QTE’s. However, we do trigger them much more sparingly. What we try to focus on is the consistent responses to gameplay. In the case of prying, we use that to equal an intense and concerted effort from Lara. Occasionally we will use that same concept in a combat context, but you will see that much less than in the last game. I don’t know if dodges and counters fit into QTE’s, but we also still use those more player-driven windows in combat where players have the B button prompt but they’re more systemically triggered rather than exotic moments.

The other thing we try to do with QTE’s is always make the interface consistent. Rather than mash a random button, you will have an exotic version of a core mechanic. So melee, for example - if you’re in a situation where you’re trapped but your hands are free, you might be swinging your axe with the Y button. That’s a normal mechanic done in an exotic situation. This is trying to get away from not knowing what you’re supposed to do until you see the button prompt. The button prompt should really reinforce the mechanics that you’re familiar with, so, whenever possible, we take and create intense moments where you may have to use one of these core mechanics like pry or melee or shoot, but trying to avoid the situation where you’re waiting to see what button it tells you to push. That’s the main changes – to get rid of all button paired, “Simon says” versions of QTE’s and to use exotic expressions of core mechanics whenever possible. [From official forum Q&A session #21 (March 2015)]

27th Mar 2015, 19:15
What about swimming??? I mean, I don't remember I had a lot of water adventure in TR2013, and that was strange compared to the previous one TR UNDERWORLD, and the old games as well...
Another points, we really need MANY PUZZLES, like real a lot!!! This game was never meant to be about combat, we know combat games, we know stealth games, and we know Tomb Raider.

28th Mar 2015, 00:29
Aside from not addressing the deal good answers. I really like that they are trying to make the QTE's more immersive with the gameplay by maintaining more of the in-game controls which is something I have been for.

28th Mar 2015, 04:10
Mine got answered :eek: I totally wasn't expecting that! Thanks for answering!

29th Mar 2015, 12:54
good questions everyone thanks for providing us with these great answers Robin and Noah :)

1st Apr 2015, 23:26
I would love to know that if you're planning to make adjustments to the amount of ammo that you can gather. In the last game I didn't like the fact that I could find lots of ammo everywhere I go. I don't remember ever being out of ammo. In a game with a theme and a setting like this, where there're few resources, we should feel the need to save ammo and think about smart ways to finish the enemy, like stealth kills. I think at least the hard mode should have something like that and not just tougher enemies.