View Full Version : Another MM rant. Sorry just my 2 cents

2nd Mar 2015, 10:49
Positive. I have had a lot of games that are closer now then a huge landslide like it was back in closed beta.

Negative. I wait anywhere from 8-15min in the pool....waiting. Then I go to a lobby and if it's not full in 2 seconds someone else leaves and I wait another 5-10min. FINALLY in the game, and half the time I get kicked back to the pool or the home page. Half an hour of waiting for nothing. It's horrible and everyone I know is leaving for LoL again.

2nd Mar 2015, 10:57
It just sucks to be a developer ... People rant about uneven teams, you narrow down the mmr-difference and people start ranting about longer wait times :D

Without knowing the numbers I'd say that increasing the player base would do the trick - so INVITE PEOPLE :D