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2nd Mar 2015, 07:59

Nosgoth's recruitment system is bad. Take a look at Dota 2's recruitment system. You can recruit your friends through steam, no emails, no facebook, none of that invasive crap, no opening your browser and way less tedious to deal with. The only reward you get is a recruitment level to show off. Now on the note of rewards, we should keep rewards, more on that in a little bit.

Plan: Make a recruit-a-friend interface that is in the game, one that lets you invite your steam friends and also invite via email etc.

On to the rewards: first-second level rewards should be easy to obtain, promote inviting friends and promote new players to want to recruit..

Why? It's networking, so make the network.. WORK FOR YOU. Why? Because recruiting a few friends AND suggesting they get to a high level to obtain only the first tier reward is ridiculous, hard, and unlikely.

Perhaps rewards should be given out based on the recruited players level/progress earlier on, as they gain (level 3,6,9,12 etc.) the recruiter gains, pyramid scheme. There's a reason these things work (for the people at the top and why people are attracted to them hehe). It could also be simple, such as games played or simply opening nosgoth and starting the game. Perhaps even a combination of the two, giving players more inspiration to recruit and inspiring the recruited people to also recruit.

The first and maybe second tier rewards should be easy for the recruiter to obtain a reward from, and inspire the recruited player to also want to recruit more people. It should be ridiculously easy to obtain a first tier reward, it starts the process. I will explain the thought process and how this design will benefit the developers wallet in the following.

Example: first tier, recruit one friend and get them to play Nosgoth! reward: 200 runestones, gold, or an item (these are options for rewards depending on what marketing wants to do).

Ex2: First tier: Get a friend to play 3 games. reward: gold, runestones, or items.

Ex3: First tier: Recruited player reaches level 5 in one class.

However you want to go about it, it should be easy and offer a decent reward, I suggest runestones as this will inspire players to also use your store. Of course, we should be wary of abuse more on that later. Yet if you can hand out free runestones in small amounts that's definitely a good way to get people to start using the store.

Why this will work and how it will benefit YOU the developers:

Why it needs to be easy: Easy recruitment = More people recruiting. Pretty simple, but to go on.

Example: If you give someone 5 bucks just to get their friend to walk into a store. They'll probably go much further from there and see what else they'll get, they may even spend in your store. If this rule also applies to everyone they recruit, their friends will bring more friends. More people walk into your store, these people are more likely to spend in your store, return, and/or at least view your products. You've created a community.

Yet, it's even better than a store and giving out actual money. You lose nothing, for you are not actually giving people 5 bucks, and it is such a small amount of runestones they can only buy temporary items on their first tier reward. Plus it's a game, so you build on simply having a continuous stream of people trying your game, and if they stay even better. Community. It grows, it just grows and grows. It's genius *cough* hire me *cough*.

You see how this works? It keeps going. It needs to be easy because it inspires people to recruit. People will recruit before they're even out of their first game just to get easy rewards and upgrade the base of whatever class they're playing. They're trying things out and they start spending IN YOUR STORE. This goes on to the runestones.

Why Runestones as a first tier reward? Shoppers logic, if someone shops in your store once they're more likely to shop there again. That's universal to shopping/marketing. If you give people a low amount of rune stones for first tier, 200 for example, that will buy them a 7 day ability. They may spend this immediately and buy a skill. Others may save their runestones, to add onto further recruitment rewards, or even better for the developer and square: they save it so they can add it onto their next purchase of runestones. This is a hook. Like a song, you get them hooked on it and they keep listening. Get them hooked on your store, via giving them cash to spend in it and they'll definitely spend in it. What do you lose if they never spend a dime? You gave away 200 virtual cash, some pixels, server memory. They may have bought a 7 day item that'll expire. Honestly, the player is more likely to continue playing even longer because they have this 7 day item in fact. So even if you don't gain any money from this player, they have still recruited a friend and may also play for a few days. You've gotten AT LEAST two people to try your game. If they have left over rune stones, then they're more likely to buy more runestones to spend. Look at League Of Legends, you never end up with 0 riot points, why? Because riot knows as long as you have some you'll probably spend again, players will capitalize on having left overs.

Yet, if you do go this route, to avoid abuse you would probably have to go the "play games" or "levels" route dependent on the recruit, then giving rewards on how many players the recruiters get to meet the requirements. Ex. recruited players must play 5 games. With this route, you could also give small bonuses to players when the recruits continue leveling (levels 3,6,9, 12 etc). Or recruiters gain rewards based on how many recruits of theirs reach level x,y, and z. Then increase difficulty on more advanced tiers. Remember, the principle is to get people to start recruiting or at least doubling the numbers.

Another route to avoid abuse would be adjusting the rewards tiers; this route can also give small bonuses to players when the recruited players continue leveling (levels 3,6,9, 12 etc):

example: first tier: recruit a friend. Second tier: recruit two players that reach level 5. Third Tier: Recruit 5 players that get to level 9 (or maybe level 5 again; remember ease helps). So on and so forth for each tier, I like this path the most combined with rewards for the recruiter at certain levels the recruit(s) reach.

Now why abuse won't be such a big deal for you guys. It'd be incredibly tedious for someone to make steam accounts/emails, and recruit themselves, then play 6 games or whatever the requirement and repeat. Most people won't do this because it's just ridiculous and a scumbag move. I have faith in humanity still, don't judge me!!! Also the people who do recruit actual people are doubling your numbers and will most likely play with their friends to try to help them level and deal with the learning curve of the game. So you not only get a person to try your game, reward them for maybe bringing ANOTHER friend because recruiting is easy, but they also get a free mentor. This builds your community even if someone abuses the system, because you just get a long term addict out of the person that goes so far to abuse the system for points, as they'll have to work pretty hard to make the points worth anything.
Ex. Abuser has to make 5 accounts to get 1000 points for a permanent ability (even more if they were trying to farm a skin), at 5 games an account, that's 25 games. If you do that, I think you like Nosgoth a lot and probably deserve those runestones lol. Even though it'd be a lot easier to just play the game and maybe throw the devs ten bucks instead of being a scumbag. Anyway, you guys can figure out the loopholes and fill them, it's 3 am and I'm going to steak and shake for happy hour... Hope there is something red...

P.S. Talking to my buddy Spoderman about how the queue was bad at night and it's such a good game, and I just thought I'd suggest some feedback. It's late, I tried to read this thing 3 times over but my brain is drifting as I try to proof read, so please don't flame! Try to add on improvements if you must. Remember I'm only human and trying to help so if I missed something try to be a little lenient! Anyway, hire me Square!!!

P.S.S. I know I have to get this to Enix to read, I don't know the channels to do so. I'm too tired to bother. So if they won't come here and read it, and it won't be forwarded I would appreciate the information on how I can do this myself!

Yet the point remains:

TL:DR In game Recruit-A-Friend interface, make it easier to obtain first/second tier rewards so players are inspired to recruit and their friends they recruit are as well, and possibly give rune stones for these rewards so people shop in your store, starting a trend of shopping. Make it difficult for abusers, but easy for honest people! God, I'm tired.

18th Mar 2015, 22:31
In my eyes, the biggest flaw in the system as it stands it how tied in it is to social networking sites. You're either pretty much forced to use one of those, or send your friend a link that looks like something a trade scammer impersonating you to your friend would send.

Making the process much less of a hassle would likely make the feature be used far more liberally, which would likely result in at least a slight increase to the incoming user to pool.

As for the rewards, requiring that the recruitee reaches level 20 makes sense to keep out abusers, but the rewards themselves for such a chunk of time seem rather lackluster. Making it something more interesting than a little gold (such as a couple random mysterious items) would probably help it be further utilized as well.

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18th Mar 2015, 22:34
Making it something more interesting than a little gold (such as a couple random mysterious item) would probably help be further utilizing as well.

This is a very nice suggestion, maybe once crafting is in they could even offer items to alter stats.