View Full Version : LF Competitive and fun players!

1st Mar 2015, 10:52
So hi I'm starting to miss somebody to play with.
I don't mind if you are going for competitive or not, I just want to play with some people, instead of playing with randoms each game.

A little about myself:
I've been playing Nosgoth for only 15 hours right now, but I've played a lot of other shooting games at a high competitive level, and wanna go competitive in Nosgoth as well.
I'm 20 years old and live in Denmark (= I play on the europa server).
Since I'm new at the game still, I'm only level 10 and haven't tried all classes (Darh!).
HUMAN - Right now I prefer the insane burst from Alchemist.
VAMPIRE - Haven't really fallen in love with one of the 3 I got, but I think The Deceiver is going to be the vampire for me!

I would say that's all the important stuff to know about me. (You can always ask for private details later :rasp:)

Anyway would love to hear from some of you, that also misses some fun players to take some games with :)
Ohh 1 last thing I also got a free TS3 with 512 slots, that we pretty much all can join.

Add me if your interested - http://steamcommunity.com/id/famequi

6th Mar 2015, 23:25
So thought I'd give a little feedback again ;)
Got 2 people that I play quite often with now, and 3 that changes from time to time, and just a new one who just added me, so we are about a little handful of players, and were having a lot of fun playing together ^^
You can never get too many friends to play with, so keep adding if you want guys ;)