View Full Version : Swap Vanguard's Judgement and Charge mechanics ?

28th Feb 2015, 09:55
What I dislike about these 2 skills

- AoE Instagib Nuke
- Animation delay *almost* balances it out but not in an elegant manner
- The delay means Vanguards cannot activate Judgement when he needs it most
- About the only time he can make Judgement work is against inexperienced players
- Whom you don't want nor need to unleash an AoE Instagib Nuke on in the first place

So Judgement is a confused skill of being an overpowered noob bashing tool while at the same time ineffective against intended target.

- This little mother cancels a Tyrant's charge and Sentinel's kidnap
- A Human skill overriding Vampire's DEFINING ability imo is too much
- Instant activation worsens the situation even more by making it a zero skill I-Win Panic Button

This Human skill single-handedly banished any hard counters Vampires might have against the Vanguard.


That being said I do believe we still need those effects for Humans. A punishing move and an overriding cancel. It's just HOW those effects are delivered breaks the Nosgoth theme. You could tweak numbers around trying to balance stuff but what if you tweaked the delivery mechanic instead of numbers ?


Here's what I mean:

1. Judgement's damage model on an instant activation frontal cone running move.
2. Charge's Knockdown effect on a timed delay AoE.

Intended Effects:

1. AoE Instagib Nuke is now tamed with a narrower frontal arc.
- This also fits better with how Vanguard fights be it Blocking solo in 1v1 or as Melee Sponge Bait waiting for team mates to drop Vamp's HP down to less than 30% while you block before Judging them.

2. Timed delay on Vanguard's knockdown will address Charge's I-Win Panic Button
- AoE to make up for the handicap
- Visible orange glow during delay animation serves as ample warning for Tyrants and Sentinels to disengage
- Timed delay takes away the panic button making Charge a tactical skill requiring intent, premeditation, accurate reading of the situation.


Simply swapping the mechanics between this two will tame both Judgement and Charge yet retain their much needed addition to Nosgoth's combat.

Thoughts ?

28th Feb 2015, 18:59
Sounds completely unnecessary.

You also seem confused. You talk about "taming" Judgement while simultaneously describing it as "ineffective" except against "whom you don't want nor need".

28th Feb 2015, 19:50
I mainly have a problem with his impaler axe and maybe the damage across all axes

I say we we nerf his ARMS.....you heard me, take them off!!