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28th Feb 2015, 08:28
Good morning,

i wanted to give you my personal feedback on the game and some ideas for improvement.

First of all, i enjoy playing the game. It is one of the few PvP games you can play with or without your friends and almost have an equal amount of fun.

But it has several flaws i want to address. Let's start with the friends part: Whenever we create a group we have trouble getting everybody in without someone bugging out - their level shows as "1", they can't join servers or are kicked from the group. If you were the group leader and kicked all other members, it would still stick you with an invisible member, not allowing you to join other groups. At some point, servers would give out the message "Host Group is Full" and the group would be seperated again. Forming a not-bugged group of four and joining a game almost takes us 15 minutes.

Next point: Mouse sensitivity. Since the early days of the beta, people complained about not being able to adjust their mouse sensitivity. If you start playing the game, coming from a CS background or a similar FPS, the sensitivity is ridiculously high. So you go to the menu - and the only thing you find is "Look sensitivity". Why is there not a simple "Mouse sensitivity" bar, where you can adjust it from 1 to 30 or something? Why do you have to go into the BCMPConfig files to fix the mouse?

Leavers. The topic becomes more and more relevant as more people play the game. And leave the game. Getting behind as a team right of the bat often leads to a loss of 1 or 2 players - i don't know their reasoning, but it needs to be "punished" in some way. Getting a replacement takes time, during which the 4 player team often can reap in some more points. Your friends can't join a game you currently play. I think giving out the EXP and Gold only at the end of the session is a nice touch but not enough. Probably a downtime of 5 minutes for leavers seems appropriate - forbidding them to hop into the next game right away. Let them sit on their leave.

Concerning gameplay, i don't have a lot to say. I think the game is really well balanced and almost every class is fun to play. But currently there seem to be some problems. First off, as you already noticed, the newly introduced Vanguard is a little too strong. This topic is sufficiently discussed already.
But some also took note of the vampires stealth nerf - reducing the tyrants damage by a large margin. Increasing the CD on his ground pound. Introducing another class besides alchemist who can handle him really well. I personally think, that playing a tyrant is only rewarding if you are playing against a bad human team - he hits slow but not hard enough, he looses almost half his life just charging and if you are jumping you get shot and bola'd out of the air. Imho i think he needs some fine-tuning. Some suggestions from my side:
- reduce damage to a charging tyrant coming from the front (e.g. 30% less damage?)
- allow him to use abilities during "ignore pain"

Thats all from my side, thank you for the game.

- Fix group system
- Fix mouse sensitivity
- Balance Vanguard
- Improve Tyrant
- Punish leavers.

28th Feb 2015, 09:36
Increasing Tyrant's Ground Slam was needed.

You can pull off a Charge-Slam-Charged Melee insta kill combo too easily.

Played against Tyrant squads several times before where 2 even 3 Tyrants chained those combos non stop and thinking back there was no real counter to them.

You get knocked down by first Tyrant, Stunned, then a 2nd Tyrant knocks you down again, eat a charged Melee from the 1st Tyrant as you get up. 2nd Tyrant slams your team mate as you died. 3rd Tyrant knocks him down. 1st Kills him. By then its a 2v4 no contest melee in Vamp's favour against the surviving Humans.

After all 4 humans respawn - cycle repeats.

a MAJOR BUFF to Ignore Pain will go a long way in rebalancing Tyrants. He is the game's supposed initiator tank and Ignore Pain imo is his defining ability rather than charge. Your suggestion of allowing ability use while Ignore Pain is active is a very good first step. Longer duration and faster cooldown wouldn't be too OP as well.

Enrage needs tweaking to make it a competitive choice in that case.