View Full Version : Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy: 1931-2015

27th Feb 2015, 23:02
In case anyone hasn't noticed, the english voice actor of our notorious Master Xehanort, (and played as Spock for anyone who are also fans of Star Trek) Leonard Nimoy; has passed away just recently. Please, feel free to share your thoughts on this talented individual. You will be missed...

1st Mar 2015, 05:16
I myself as a movie fan am saddened by his passing. He pulled off both heroes and villains alike in his own unique style. While I myself have not seen Star Trek, I am sad that one member of the Original Series cast has passed away. For a sort of run down of the roles I heard him as, in chronological order:

-Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (The Pagemaster, 1994)
-The King of Atlantis (Atlantis the Lost Empire, 2001)
-Spock/Himself (Futurama)
-Master Xehanort (Birth By Sleep Final Mix, 2010)

May you Live Long and Prosper in our hearts, Mr. Spock.


3rd Mar 2015, 09:29
LLAP \\//_ Master Xehanort.