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27th Feb 2015, 16:37
First of all I apologize if I post this on the wrong thread but as far as suggestions go this will be my first

*Is it too late for the devs to change the Deceiver's skill to that of the Summoner?*

The lore is very much the same

Deceiver : Physically less powerful than the offspring of other Lieutenants, the Zephonim make up for it through their mental abilities

Summoner : Cursed immortals trapped in decaying bodies

Why suggest about to swap the abilities of different clans?

Deceiver (Zephonim) The Previous/Classic skin is that of a Spider like creature vampire hybrid

Special : The Hellstrike or Abyssal Bolt can be visually changed or enchanced into a web looking projectile
Primary Ability : Summon Stalker or Summon Slayer (call upon a Zephonim fledgling to attack a specific target) can be visualized as a spider like creature
Secondary Ability : Abyssal Barrier can be visualized as a Web that repels projectiles

Summoner (Melchahim) Ghoul looking vampire hybrid

Special : Disguise or Dominate Mind (Keyword : Cursed Immortals trapped in decaying bodies) with the intent to find a greater body they seek to dominate or copy others, unfortunately it will be a human
Primary Ability : Backstab or Infect (they want to destroy the body of their victims and bathe in their blood thinking that it will toughen up/conceal their decaying skin)
Secondary Ability : Illusions or Shroud (Shroud : as their bodies can't sustain their power, they can focus on their abilities to fight without form) Illusions "They gnawed upon their victim's carcass like dogs"

Swap the Deceiver's and Summoner's skill as it was much more fitting and can be enhanced with different visual effects

Sorry for my bad literature, it just suddenly sprung to mind. I'm not productive and creative as it seems.

27th Feb 2015, 17:06
i think they fit just fine as is, i am well versed in lok lore

27th Feb 2015, 17:16
Sounds like a lot of work for a different perspective :thud: weather right or wrong I think big changes to stuff deployed is off the cards.

27th Feb 2015, 19:29
>the Zephonim make up for it through their mental abilities

And where does weakening the material/spectral barrier to unleash necromantic vampiric constructs fit into 'mental abilities'?

27th Feb 2015, 19:37
Everything seems fine to me the way it is and I love the way those two classes are and what they stand for. Don't think I would want it any other way. But that's just my opinion.

27th Feb 2015, 23:25
The moment we start altering abilities for LoK lore is the moment I get to shoot energy balls as a Tyrant!

27th Feb 2015, 23:42
Summoning Zephonim fledgling stalkers makes no sense: the more spiderlike, the more evolved that Zephon vampire is. They'd have to summon fledglings more evolved than themselves to do that.

I think it's fine the way it is. Zephonim web shields and web strand attacks are a bit too Spiderman for my tastes. The insect mind finds a lot of difference between the two.