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27th Feb 2015, 10:38
Hey Corey!

In patch notes earlier this month it was said players are put in a queue for the whole match making process. I found this a pretty good approach and hoped for this every match, but from what I see ingame, the lobbies are still present. You get put into them instead of waiting for a match in a queue.

We have switched the matchmaking server to a system that only creates lobbies when it has 8 players ready to start a match. This allows for better matchmaking - the more players in the "pool", the more potential for creating balanced matches. The downside is you will sit at the matchmaking screen longer, rather than seeing the lobby fill up one by one. We've added more messaging as a first step to addressing this - the server will now communicate the average time to find a match so you know what to expect.

I wonder why lobbies are not broken up after a match for the players to requeue.

I see 2 problems with it:
"Persistant Exception players"
People that you dont want in the lobby in the first place but allow them to join to because of the broadend search after a long time. And then they stay.
The exception is a good mechanic to get the first game started, but following matches suffered greatly under this in the past. The following players are brought to the lobby with the MM searching for fitting players, while they dont exist anymore. (Dont know if the new search value is the average which makes all players unfitting or the old which means the dead weight or shark is still the main problem.)
This is something that works in both ends of the spectrum. Ive been to newbie lobbies where I shouldnt be and they kept sending newbies until I quit and Ive been to matches where 1 player is so much weaker than everyone else. In both cases asking them to leave is the only resolution so far.

"Half open lobbies"
Example: After a match you have 5 people that stay. You already have 5 people in a different lobby from 5 minutes earlier. (Lets us skip the fact that they might should search for new lobbies fitting their changed MMR).
Now you need 3 people each to fill these 2 lobbies.
Why not combine them in the queue to a starting 8man lobby and have the 2 (with the most unfitting MMR) wait longer aka the same as all players would wait now for the 2nd lobby? This would also allow to apply the most recent MMR value of each player with the best matchmaking routine applied instead of some exceptional rule.

Send people back to the queue after a match.

PS: This would also allow for easier extended queue time in possible future report systems.

6th Mar 2015, 13:49
I could do a longer sessions with a couple matches in a row again and I feel confirmed in the "Persistant Exception players" hypothesis.

I had 3 great and close matches in a row in the same lobby. Then it took ages to fill the last 2 slots of the lobby.
I believe this has triggered the "broadening search" exception. Then we got a premade team of 2 for these slots (team mmr bonus).
These guys were so far out classed that the match was a total stomp.

They did not leave after the first match and second one was pretty much the same desaster.

These exceptional players shouldnt have been there and they shouldnt have stayed. If they had been requeued, the relatively good MM algo would have worked.

It is an example case but I think the general observation is pretty accurate.