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26th Feb 2015, 22:36
Premade parties now matchmake with an increased MMR (above their actual average skill)

From what I'm seeing.
In my own experience, a premade team loss 90% of the games that we played (except when the others players aren´t much better).
Being a premade means that you have a better comunications with your team, but don´t improve your skills in gameplay. For example, if both premade players have level 25, it's not fair the game`s matchmaking choose rivals with level 40+.
Today I was with a friend (we were two premade players). We always had the two worst allies. Sometimes, with a +300 hours get one guy with less than 40 hours, even less than 10 hours.
I think the game should choose premade people against premade people with the same level and in the same numbers, not unbalance the team with the worst guy in the queu.

The MMR should also gather low level players with high level if there are not enough players (currently I think it does, but spend too much time). One on each team or two on each team for this level.
Positives in this regard;
- Making a group of eight will be faster.
- They could learn to play seeing and playing with other players better.

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In the previous flashpoint (Bug the respawn).
My opinion on human respawn near the human who is alive.
- It became more entertaining.
- I think is a litte more fair, but have different gameplay.
- More points are obtained.

I don´t say it will be like this (doesn´t matter to me really), but if you keep that in consideration for another game mode.

This is my point of view, I hope the other players can read it and give their owns opinions.
Sorry for my bad english, I'm still learning. Hope you understand, folks.