View Full Version : [Suggestion] First Win of the Day Bonus

26th Feb 2015, 06:42
Similar to League of Legends, players can gain extra XP and Gold every 24 hours. Whether this be implemented as a Booster or just a flat rate added on at the end of the win, I think adding a First Win of the Day Bonus would help. Now, I am still new to the game as I only have 15 hours on record. So I do not know if or when anything is going to be done to help players earn XP and Gold a bit quicker, but I think it is a bit crazy that it took me over 8 hours alone to get 1500 Gold.

Lets be honest, I am not going to spend my coins on buying equipment or perks for only 7 days. I find little to no use to that. You are almost forced to save up for the permanent unlock of a new ability if you want good game play. I won't get into how ridiculous the Rune system is, but all together, I think prices across the board should either be dropped significantly or (my preference) it should be easier to gain gold.

What do you guys think?

26th Feb 2015, 08:40
If I recall the calculations I did on this some time back, assuming you lose every round, that's a minimum 100 gold won, so about five hours to hit 1500. Two and a half hours if you win every round.

Add to that the gold from your own personal score and any boosters involved (never seen anybody with them)...Still likely to be a fair chunk of time. Fine for people with the time to sink into it...Not for the rest.

But then, that's why the runestones are an option for all that stuff. You either put in the time or the money.

That said, it certainly couldn't hurt much.

27th Feb 2015, 01:38
So you're technically agreeing with me?