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26th Feb 2015, 02:23
=ExG= Exceptional Gamers is a newly formed community recruiting for Nosgoth. We also play other games such as Battlefield 4, Company of Heroes 2, CSGO, APB:Reloaded, War Thunder and so much more. We have a Teamspeak 3 Server, and an amazing website! We accept casual, and hardcore gamers. what i mean by that is if you're a casual, laid back person and you can't play more than 10+ hours a week, because of work or school. We Respect that and accept that in our community. If your a hardcore player and love to do competitive scrims and such thats awesome as well. We accept that! We are looking for dedicated Leadership such as =ExG= Community Admins, and GFX Designers. If you want a family / community. We are the fit for you! If you're interested in joining =ExG= Visit our Website or Teamspeak 3 Server!

=ExG= Website - http://exceptionalgamers.com/

=ExG= Teamspeak 3 Server - http://exceptionalgamers.com:11387

13th Mar 2015, 19:55
what is the password

15th Mar 2015, 21:02
what is the password

I'm afraid i wont give that out on this forums for the public. PM on the forums? Just Register on forums and PM :D

6th Apr 2015, 03:14
Bump Still Recruiting and looking for some captains/leaders! Reply here or add me to steam!

6th Apr 2015, 15:51
I 'd love to play Nosgoth with you guys, here is my steam account