View Full Version : A positive direction.

25th Feb 2015, 19:20
This game has been in the "love and hate box" right alongside TF2 for the longest time. It's fun and fast paced, but I never liked the distinct lack of options when it came to play styles. What if i wanted to have more ranged orientated play as a vampire? Or more close combat orientation as a human player?

Now we have both in the form of the summoner and the vanguard. And from reading the recent patch notes, the displacement of vampires doing melee attacks has been re-balanced to disassociate from button mashers.

This is all fantastic Dev team. I haven't played in months because there just wasn't enough for me to bite into and some aspects of the game mechanics just felt to easy to pull off. Now damage and attack speeds are being changed and both factions have the option to mix up the normal gameplay, for said faction.

I just want to say well done guys. I'm a real cynical prick when it comes to games (watching totalbiscuit and zero punctuation will do that to you after 4+ years).

I like the direction this game is going in now and it makes me want to play again! Keep up the good work guys! :D