View Full Version : Final Fantasy Franchise, the EU PSN Store and the PS TV

25th Feb 2015, 02:52
Hello Everyone :wave:

Like the title suggests, im from Europe, Germany and just wanted to ask, if the FF PSP Titles (1-4, also FF Tactics and Tactics Ogre for that matter) will ever be "unlocked" to work with the PS TV ?
Because lets face it, there is nothing better than to play one of your most beloved RPG franchise on the big Screen (and almost in its entirety on a single system no less !). And other than the PSPs TV-Out feauture, the PS TV puts out a very clear full screen picture.

So naturally, im a little irritated by the fact, that those games arent compatible with the system :/
But i noticed that they are now on offer on the PSN Store via the PS TV, which usually doesnt show incompatible games...
Is there any news out of them getting an "update" in the near future ?

Also, the obligatory "will we europeans ever see games like Crono Cross and Legend of Mana on the EU PSN store" banter :whistle: