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24th Feb 2015, 01:33
(Cliffnotes at bottom of page in case you don't want to read all this)

I don't think I've posted on this forum before. Some of you have probably seen me in game. Plenty of you have probably destroyed me! But there's a few things I wanted to get off my chest... (I'm sure it's nothing that hasn't been said before!)

Let me give a pre-requisite to myself: I'm 100% about having fun in this game and NOT being a competitive player. My current win ratio is 51% (up from upper 20's when I first started, all the way to level 30ish?). I'm all about trying to support my team with dragging a corpse to them and healing them, all the way to slapping off a pawing reaver and dropping a human off for lunch with a sent. With that said...

First off: Spamming. One of the most dulling moments in this game, to me, is when you get a team that spams 1 class. Sometimes it is frustrating to deal with, sometimes it just makes it too easy. Either way, I feel it brings down the level of fun for the game.

The two classes I absolutely hate to see more then 2 of: Scouts and Summoners. Out of all the classes available, these ones make me facepalm when I see a team using 3+ of them. Not that it isn't a good strategy, but it doesn't lead to fun interactions.

Something I hate is "We'll, it's easy to deal with, just be XXX class!" The issue with that statement is that instead of being the character I want to be, I now have to select something based on the other team completely. Not only myself, but most of my team.

Personally, I try do always be a class that nobody is being. It's easy to see who's playing what after the first spawn and change classes. This also can force you to play something you normally don't. I also try to start with some of my weaker characters to build them up. But, I don't expect people to want to do the same. Plenty of people found their characters they love, that's fine.

My thoughts on how to fix the issue of Spamming: Apply a penalty to anybody who picks a character that is already chosen. A simple reduction in life, starting with, say 5% if you choose a character somebody is currently playing. Then, if there are 2 others, 10%. 3? 15%. I don't know if that works out with math and the real world, but it's an example. 5% isn't that big a deal, as 2 of the same class isn't too horrible, but the penalty is much worse as you spam that class more.

Issue 2: Matchmaking. I know this is beta. I know this is in the works. I extremely rarely leave a game out anger or frustrating. There's only a handful of times I've left a game simply because I knew there wasn't a fat chance in hell of doing anything but dying. I play this game for fun, not to get killed within 10 seconds of being spawned because of an EXTREMELY overpowered opposing team. And I feel bad for my own team, because I just took them down pretty bad.

I don't mind loosing. Nobody likes to loose, but I swallow it and move on, as it's 99% about how the game went rather than the scores at the end. When a game goes 15-60, it's not GG. I've never had a GG that had a score that far off in the end. Moments, sure, but an overall game? I can't recall a single one.

Then there is the flip side: Winning way too easily. If I'm at the top of the score board for my team and our team is destroying the other team, sure it feels good to get some easy kills, but I know what it's like to be on the other side of that. I don't want those guys to not want to come back to this game! I'll usually play a class or abilities I know I'm terrible with to offset this (and damn, I'm getting pretty good with the Immolation, thanks to this method! lol)

I don't expect anybody to drag me along, but I don't mind trying to help a team that is struggling, either. I just want to play and have fun, not come in for a win or blame my team for sucking. Really irks me when people put others down because they are not as experienced. A lot of new players out there, you can't expect them to be amazing right off the bat. This game takes a lot of time. I didn't get it until I was probably level 25-30 and I still don't think I get it as well as I can.

Matchmaking as come a long ways as I used to see FAR more 15-60 games, but it still feels like I'm getting paired with the wrong people more often then not. Though, some of the recent games where we get within 5 points of eachother? Those are amazing games that keep me coming back!

Finally: Leavers. As for leavers causing the issue, I'm usually the first to sit out until a 4th comes. I don't mind doing this at all, because I want others to enjoy their time in Nosgoth and feel like it's a fair fight. Usually, you have to tell the other team that 3v4 is going on as they probably didn't notice and usually, somebody sits out. I don't see leavers as that big of an issue as long as somebody sits out, but it still delays the game and usually offsets the score some. I thank you all kindly who have sat out in any game for the good of the game itself.

I don't have a good answer for leavers and I'm sure it's being worked on. I noticed that since closed beta, spots get filled faster! But it still hurts.

To wrap it up: I'm sure a lot of you have heard me ***** about some of these things in-game and have probably read what I have wrote (or gave it a glance and gave up) and just see me as a whiner. I'll take it. I have seen a lot of faces on here, some I dread to play against (mostly because there is no hope in beating them), some I love to play with. I have to give a shout out to the devs on this game because it made me fall in love with PC gaming again (Since about the time L4D got dropped, I just kinda gave up as well). This game IS amazing and I fully believe it will be further extraordinary as time goes on. Please don't take my rant as negative. Even with the flaws of this game, I will still continue to play it.

Thanks for reading.

CLIFFNOTES: Spamming a class is not fun to play against, regardless of win or loss; Spamming should come with a penalty. Matchmaking is getting there, but still needs work. Leavers suck. Still love this game regardless.

24th Feb 2015, 03:27
>The issue with that statement is that instead of being the character I want to be, I now have to select something based on the other team completely

>Spamming should come with a penalty.

So we should punish people for being the characters they want to be, forcing them instead to select something based completely on the others in their team?

That doesn't sound the least bit hypocritical to you?

24th Feb 2015, 07:28
1. Class Stacking

While I hate the idea of class stacking myself, penalising people for playing what they want to play is a horrible idea. Especially considering that people don't have a large character pool up until at least level 20. Even regardless of the level, people should have an option to play what they enjoy.

I don't mind swapping my class based on the enemy team composition, because it is possible to have fun playing multiple classes. Additionally, in my experience its not the class stacks itself that make the game not fun, but your own team not having experience of playing against it. For instance, it hurts me to see when my team mates run around the map freely when facing 2+ Scouts and don't learn a thing after they lost 80% of their health for free 5 times in a row.

Yes, class stacking can be really cheesy sometimes (and I've done it too), but in my experience it doesn't happen that often anyway. Hopefully with more upcoming classes and viable options people will naturally move away from it.

2. Match Making

It'll get better over time and with more players. I get paired with wrong people too. For instance, I can show you some games where a person on my team landed precisely 1 melee hit in the whole round while dying 9 times. Or a Hunter landing literally 5 basic shots in the first 5 minutes of the game. It happens, it's not perfect, but it will get better.

3. Leavers

Yep, sucks for absolutely everyone. Corey said that they're looking into this and will implement solutions once the game is in the stable place. That way people don't get punished for unfortunate disconnects or random game crashes.

24th Feb 2015, 09:38
Long rant with no real substance - sorry.

As the previous poster said, you cannot lock classes for players based on the team composition.

I also don't understand your main point. You say you don't mind swapping classes when YOUR team is stacking (I guess that means THEY are forcing you to play a class you maybe don't want to play) but when the enemy is stacking against the class you are currently playing, now all of the sudden changing class ruins your fun?

I'm sorry, I don't get it!
But furthermore, playing for fun is fine, but as you said yourself, you try to get better at everything to raise your chances of winning - because, for the most part, winning is more fun than losing.

24th Feb 2015, 13:42
Hey guys, thanks for the feedback.

Let me say, after stewing on it, you are all right. People shouldn't be punished directly for choosing a class because others are playing it. Do note that this was just a thought on trying to come up with an idea to improve the game. Well intentioned, I assure. Perhaps punishment is definitely the wrong answer.

-Konf-, your input was very enlightening. Thank you.